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Thread: Pipe Conveyors

  1. Pipe Conveyors

    I am interested for any requirement of Pipe Conveyors/High Angle Conveyors. Pl do inform me if there is any such requirement

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    Kindly e mail us details of your services in the design of pipe conveyors.

    Best regards

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    Pipe Conveyors

    Do you extend consultancy services?

    What is the maximum cost advantage in going in for a
    pipe conveyor ?Does it save substantially in Structurals?

    Are you still the CEO in Naveen or a Free lancer?

    Pl be in touch.Thanks and Best Regards.


  4. Pipe Conveyor

    Dear Mr. Natrajan,

    Reference your message through Bulk Solid Forum, as we are already in touch and have already replied your points directly. If you have any other points please let me know.



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    Dear sir,
    We are pleased to introduce ourselves as one of fast growing company in bulk handling equipment manufacturing segment. Our customers includes ACC,Ambuja,Grasim, Fuller,and various cement plants.We are intrested in pipe conveyor as a product.Please contact undersigned with details of your intrest and E-mail address.


  6. Pipe Conveyor

    Dear Mr. Sanghavi,

    Thanks for your interest in Pipe Conveyors. I am separately sending you my reply in details.



  7. Pipe Conveyor

    Dear Mr. Sanghavi,

    I have sent a detailed mail on the address given by you. However the mail has returned back. Please immediately mail me your mail address, tel. No.,fax no., address etc. In the meanwhile I am attaching the mail, which I had sent separately.


    580, Sector-A, Pocket-C,
    Vasant Kunj, New-Delhi-110070, INDIA
    Tel: 91-11-6894490/ 6121191
    Fax: 91-11-6124183

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