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Thread: handling of frozen coals

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    mk vikram Guest

    handling of frozen coals

    I would like to know where I could obtain online information on crushing, conveying, reclaiming of frozen coal at temperatures minus 30 - 40 deg celcius as well as information on design aspects of steel structures in low sub zero temperatures.

  2. Dear M.K. Vikram:

    Although I do not know of any websites that deal specifically with cold weather operations, you may be able to get information from engineers of cold weather open pit coal (or other) mines, or their suppliers. Minus forty degrees is an extreme environment for anything, including operation and maintenance personnel.

    The major equipment and belt suppliers should be able to provide you with information via their websites, or directly. You can access their websites through the directories of bulk-online or

    If you have anything specific in mind, you can contact me directly and I'll conduct a search for you (nominal charge involved).

    Regards and good luck in your search.
    Dave Miller
    ADM Consulting
    10668 Newbury Ave., N.W.,
    Uniontown, Ohio 44685 USA
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    FAX: 001 330 494 1704

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    Frozen coals

    There are several manufacturers who supply crushers and conveyors to the oilsands in Alberta where temperatures like those you mention are encountered.
    I suggest you contact
    Krupp Canada - Steve Harrington,
    FAM Canada Ltd - David Chomik,
    MMD Mineral Sizing - Richard Scrimshaw,

    Of course correct lubricants are key to good performance in these temperatures. All bolts and steel fabrication (where impact forces are present) need to be fine grained steel with Charpy V notch Impact values a minimum of 20ft/lbs (27 joule) at -46C. Conveyor belting should be suitable to operate at these temperatures, and of course higher horsepower provided than in summer.

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