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Thread: Pump Trouble

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    Henry Guest

    Pump Trouble

    I am having a problem sourcing a 2" ceramic lined pump. The company that provided and refurbished these pump is no longer in business.

    I have attached a series of photographs of the pump.

    Our last spare has just been installed and will need replacing within the next 12 months.

    The ceramic is specified as silicon carbide and that's all the information I have.

    The material being pumped is a water based, non corrosive, slurry.

    Any ideas?
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  2. Pump Problems

    Hi Henry,

    It's not easy to tell from your photographs, but your pump lining could be nitride bonded silicon carbide. You could stay with the silicon carbide, or you could change to alumina ceramic. Alumina ceramic might be around 3 times more wear resistant than nitride bonded silicon carbide.

    Have you thought about rubber lining as an alternative.

    You might like to take a look at the following URLs:




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    Pump Wear

    Henry, Pump relining is a large part of our business with some 200 plus pumps in
    the marketplace.
    The photos are of a pump casing from a slurry processing circuit that
    has our ceramics on it.

    The original pump casing was a GIW 10" high chrome white iron casting
    with a unit cost of $12,500.00 and a service life of 3500 hours.

    This same casing rebuilt with Ceramiweld cost $8700.00 and has a 33%
    increase in operating hours.
    Pictures reveal minor erosion of the ceramic compound and only one area
    where the parent material is exposed.
    The areas of wear are easily identified by the large circular pieces of
    As the surface wears the larger beads are exposed acting as wear indicators for easy predictive maintenance.
    Current and subsequent repair costs for this pump should be 30% of the origianl installation
    This casing can be rebuilt with the ceramic at a fraction of the initial cost several times.
    Other than PTA their is not another product in the market place that will let you over top with any adgree of sucess.
    Feel free to vist our website

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    atvs Guest

    Slurry Pump

    You may try Wear resistant Composite Parts from SIMS.
    201-792-0600, George.
    Similar Lawrence 2" pump was retrofitted with Composite Impeller and Wear Plates for lime slurry.

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    Hi Henry,

    Why don't you look at a trowleable epoxy mortar, heavily filled with ceramics, silica carbide, alumina etc or any combination of them.

    The advantage is simple, fast application, sacrificial lining which can be built-up in the future in high-wear areas or just left until worn away. See attached photo.

    Alternatively we have a polyurethane resin that goes onto steel by brush or by spatula that is ceramic-filled. Therefore you get the cured flexibility of a Shore A70 rubber but with far better abrasion resistance and durability.

    Please visit our website and search under Eli-Cote and Eli-Flex for more detail.

    Aram Friedrich
    Eli-Chem Resins

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