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    John Taylor Guest


    What are the wear resistance alternatives for chokes used in the oil industry?

    What do ceramic wellhead hydrocyclone linings look like?



  2. Chokes

    Hi John,

    I know that ceramic chokes are used by the oil industry, but I don't know what other materials are used - if you really want to know, I can find out.

    The image below shows a choke set-up and consists of a number of ceramic cones set in line in a flanged steel pipe. As I understand it, each cone/choke has the effect of reducing the line pressure; the more chokes you put in the line, the greater the pressure drop.

    Sorry I can't be more helpful.

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  3. Hydrocyclones

    Hi John,

    Ceramic wellhead hydrocyclone linings are supplied as multi-part systems, as in the image below.

    Use this URL for further images of ceramic wellhead hydro-cyclone lining systems


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    John Taylor Guest

    Wellhead Hydrocyclones

    What is the maximum size limitations for ceramic lining systems, when it comes to wellhead cyclones?

  5. John,

    I don't really know how large wellhead hydrocyclones need to be; 24" bore is the largest ceramic lined unit I've come across. The very high pressure and velocity conditions these units are expected to work under requires quite a specialised and robust ceramic lining system capable of facilitating fast pressure equalisation from front to back of the lining system. Typically, one-piece annular ceramic sections are used, as are curved tongue and grooved sections.

    At a guess, I would say that a 48" bore wellhead hydrocyclone is feasible as far as ceramic lining is concerned, but my field is not hydrocyclone design and you would need to speak to a specialist design and manufacturing organisation, such as Cyclotech
    Limited, ( if you have questions relating to specification and design of these units.

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