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Thread: Dredging for Gold

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    Dredging for Gold

    Alluvial mining companies that use dredging equipment make one mistake. They are not mining companies, but dredging companies. The distinction is crucial. I have much dredging (and for gold) experience, and would welcome a dialogue on this subject.
    Ian Anderson
    Anderson Dredging & Mining

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    Golosinski Guest
    Can you be more specific? What exactly is the difference?
    Tad G.

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    Dredging for Gold

    Because they are not dredging contractors, they use the wrong dredging equipment and techniques.
    Ian Anderson
    Anderson Dredging & Consulting, Ltd.

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    Re: Dredging for Gold

    Dear Ian Anderson,
    i might agree with you, that most mining companies are only dredging and not mining, but not all of them can mine.
    1. not enough funds to prospect the area
    2. not enough funds to pay expensive professionals
    3. not enough funds to buy mineral processing equipment (well for gold they can make an ordinary sluice box using riffles)
    4. in south america, brazil, guyana, those "dredging" companies took a lot of gold and diamonds with a small investments and just dredging.
    Dredging equipment as you know is very expensive and techniques people are using here allow to extract enough gold and diamonds.
    I agree with you that wrong techniques and wrong mining results gold and diamond big looses

    thank you for your attention

    Virgis Strikas

  5. Surface mining with scraper/slusher

    I'm trying to determine the feasability of using a scraper/slusher
    for stripping and moving material to my placer washplant.
    The quota is approx 250cu.yd in under 4 hours.
    Since the washplant, oversize conveyor, and ore pipeline take a day to move, the dragline distance can be optimised. The max depth to bedrock is approx. 35'
    Selection of equipment remains obscure. Is there a rule of thumb or standard formula that I could refer to? Most information I come accross is aimed at monster machines in the coal patch and large scale gravel operations. The equipment used in underground applications seems simple enough. But the volumes seems a little low.
    If there's any literature you can recomend?
    Tim Dunk
    Placer Miner
    Watson Lake, Yukon
    Y0A 1C0

  6. Could you explain the dredging for gold system. How it works and all. That is interesting.

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    golddigger11 Guest

    Smile gold dredging

    Hey Kert,

    I can explain a small hobbie dredge system, it consists of a water pump, and sluice box all mounted on some flotation device ie. pontoons. the pump pumps the water down into a handle with a nozzle jet at an angle causing the Venturi effect. this causes suction so you can suck up your gold bearing matteral. it goes up a large tube to the sluice box. this is where you can hopefully find your gold.

    hope this helps


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