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Thread: Bark Screw Trough Wear Problem

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    Wayne W Guest

    Bark Screw Trough Wear Problem

    We are possibly looking at replacing our troughs that we use to convey bark and wood waste into our boiler.
    The reason is that they have worn through in several places.
    As I stated a while back we have tried to put in uhmw liners but they keep peeling out. We have been also looking at either a ceramic lining or putting in an industrial version of a "Rhino Lining" in the new troughs.
    Our maintenance group is thinking about converting the screw troughs to a flat bottomed or box like design instead of the typical rounded bottom design.
    I am leery of the flat boxlike design primarily because every screw system that I have ever seen where there is one screw per trough always has a round bottom that is just slightly larger than the screw diameter.
    Could everyone please comment on all three of the issues
    1) Plastic spray-on linings
    2) ceramic linings
    3) Square, flat bottomed screw troughs
    Thank you all,

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    Peter Brown Guest

    Screw Conveyor Wear

    Are you sure the problem is only wear?
    Could it be a corrosion problem?
    Sometimes bark and wood waste can be corrosive when wet.
    If that is the case then a corrosion resistant steel may be the answer.

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    I agree with Mr Brown. Often the wear problem with bark is a combination of what we call erosion-corrosion. The paper and pulp industry in Scandinavia use as standard stainless stell material in both the screw and trough, sometimes solid but most commonly by lining of a mild steel construction. The material that has shown the best resistans is 1.4462.

    Some mills also use ceramics with a good result, for example Densit.

    Best Regards
    Göran Jansson
    Brunitec Engineering

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    BMW Conveyors Guest
    Good day sir,

    Please visit us at:

    Is it possible that the problem hasn't been caused only by wearing out?

    Water, or humid substances keeping the auge from being dry may be part of the problem.

    Jean-Philippe Bédard
    Sales Department
    Convoyeurs B.M.W. Conveyors Inc.

  5. Dear Wayne,

    I agree with the earlier replies that the problem is likely to be the corrosion-cum-wear. My suggestion is to opt for stainless steel sheets fabricated trough. If you have similar problem for screw, then also use stainless steel material for the screw. Getting the screw conveyor of stainless steel will not be a problem because it is often used in food industry, etc.

    Ishwar G Mulani.
    Author of Book : Engineering Science and Application Design for Belt Conveyor.
    Email :
    Tel.: 0091 (0)20 5882916


    Dear Sirs

    Wear problems in troughs conveying bark can easily be solved by chromium carbide hardfaced plate.
    Even when there is a combination of corrosion and abrasion this type of plate solves both problems.
    If you insist on heaving a corrosion resistant system, we can make the base plate in stainless steel.
    All the other solutions mentionned show a high risk of faillure :
    we do a lot of UHMW-PE linings, but we never recommend them in this application

    POLYURETHANE COATING could be a solution, but we prefer hardfaced plate

    CERAMIC lining, which we do since 20 years, is not the right choice in this application because of heavy impact risk

  7. Dear Wayne,

    Apparently, you are facing problems with conveying of bark by screw conveyors. I would just like to raise an issue that whether is this the right kind of equipment for the application. Please also look into the possibility of use of drag chain conveyor, belt conveyor, chain & flight conveyor, etc.
    Well it is possible that with the existing equipment in use, it will be difficult to change the equipment, however I have put this information so that readers who are concerned with new equipment for bark may think about the possibility of using different kind of equipment also.

    Ishwar G Mulani.
    Author of Book : Engineering Science and Application Design for Belt Conveyor.
    Email :
    Tel.: 0091 (0)20 5882916

  8. Square trough conveyors

    We manufacture vibratory trough feeeders like you asked about(square tube)
    We engineer them to order specific to the application requirements. We offer a variety of liners that would work to combat corrosion and wear in your application.

    Please contact us for more detailed info and a quote.
    Or visit our new web site for pics and details:

    Thanks and good luck,
    JVI Engineered Vibratory Feeding Equipment
    Tiffany Moore
    Two companies under one roof:
    Experts in Applied Vibration - Industrial Vibrator Mfg.
    JVI Vibratory Equipment
    Vibratory Feeder and Screen Mfg.
    Call toll free for info:
    1 (800)231-0164

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    gkaraff Guest

    wood waste conveying

    I would recommend that you may want to consider replacing the auger screw conveyors with flat bottom chain conveyors. a design more suitable for this application. These type off conveying systems are designed with replaceable abrasion resistant side liners and bottoms.

    Please visit our website for more information

    Gary Karaff

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    Conforma Clad Guest

    Wear Solution


    Conforma Clad's tunsten carbide protection may be a possible solution to your problem. Conforma Clad’s tungsten carbide technology is in use today across hundreds of industrial based applications where abrasion, corrosion, erosion or a combination thereof affects the life of components and related material handling equipment.

    In the agricultural, forestry and lawn care markets, Conforma Clad provides tungsten carbide clad debarker blades, harvester bars, silage chopper blades, plow heads, lawn mower blades, rim and chipper knives, planer bedplates and side rails, and other components that are exposed to abrasive and sometimes corrosive environments.

    Please visit for more information.

    Christy Eversmann

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