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Thread: Angle of Conveying Testing needed

  1. Angle of Conveying Testing needed

    I need sources for testing companies that will test the maximum angle of conveying for a specific material. The material is coal and the desired angle of inclination is 22.5 degrees on an air supported conveyor.

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    Aeroconveyors in South Africa, we are the world leader in air supported belt conveying and have been design, manufacturing and installing only the Aeroconveyor for twenty-one years.
    On our premises we have a 14 metre long pulley centre (45.92 ft),
    500 wide aeroconveyor. This has a control feed arrangement for any product onto the conveyor belt, which is variable speed controlled and a standard smooth top cover.
    The demo unit is capable of adjusting the angle up to 30 degrees.
    This air supported belt conveying unit is available 24 hrs per day.
    On your requirement for 22,5 degrees we can say that we convey coal at 26 deg. This is loaded at that incline and also weighed.
    We also have two belts that have been running at 24 deg, since 1984 with coal.
    If you are using our technology we would have no hesitation in saying, go ahead, the aeroconveyor will have no problem with degredation or run back

    Regards, Roy Hayter, Aeroconveyors, South Africa.

  3. Testing for max conveying angle

    As important as knowing the "slide-back" conveying angle, which is very influenced by dynamics, sag, material gradation, etc, etc, etc, is determining an appropriate safety factor against slide back. This term "S F against slide back" is not known in the literature. Rather, conveying angle is determined by failure, just a little less.
    After enduring numerous slide-backs (with great cost implications), at their 17 dgrees coal conveyors, a major South African company decided to addressed the issue at length. The result was a company policy that set max conveying angle at 12 degrees for their coal conveyors. The capital cost of their next coal conveyor project was so high that they abandoned the 12 degrees max policy after only one project.
    This is the best argument that I can make for DSI Snake-Sandwich High-Angle conveyors, where the slide-back safety factor is well known and set to be safe. No slide-back has ever occured at a commercial unit.

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  4. There are a number of test companies that can perform this type of work. Three of which are in the Akron, Ohio area. Smithers is probably the largest. In all cases, although their primary focus is on tires, they conduct specialty test ing to meet the needs of clients.

    A more cost effective and practical approach, however, would be to contact a research lab at a university that specializes in bulk material handling. The University of Hanover in Germany has a very sophisticated lab set up.

    If you have trouble obtaining contact information, feel free to e-mail me.

    Good luck with your trials.
    Dave Miller
    ADM Consulting
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    Material Testing for Incline Coal Transport


    There are a number of factors that play on the angle. Per CEMA, the surcharge angle or dynamic angle of repose is about 25 degrees. This is the measured angle resulting from an aggitated stockpile. CEMA says nothing about the coal particle shape, moisture, chute loading configuration and belt surface texture, speed, transport length, lump size and distribution, sag and idler spacing. Load stability on the trailing charge, to control roll-back, is usually the governing factor. Thus, the lab test criterion and procedures are also factors which must test for the above points. Conventional conveyors can handle slopes of 20 degrees with granulated structure and light moisture. Some labs that can help are:
    1. Jenike & Johanson USA
    2. TUNRA (Alan Roberts legacy) Australia
    3. Univeristy of Wollongong Australia
    4. Wits University South Africa
    5. Penn St probably has a coal lab that classifies propertiies
    6. Univ. of West Virginia does coal characterization
    7. Delft Univ. and Twente Univ. in Holland

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