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Thread: Ducting Design

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    Ducting Design

    Please let know about process ducting design for cement plant process duct & power plant fuel gas duct.

    1. How many velocity considered for duct.
    2. Ducting Plate thikness.
    3. Pressure drop in duct.
    4. How many pressure reuired for process duct like Down commerduct, Bag House inlet & outlet duct & POwer plant Boiler inlet, oullet & Chimeny inlet duct.
    5. Dust load in ducting design & ducting supporting structure design.

  2. These are design questions, you should seek assistance from your supervisor or an experienced engineer.

    I will make GENERAL comments

    Dust vel. is typ in order of 18 to 20m/sec.
    Duct wall thickness is 5mm MIN, depends on pressure and temp and yield strenghtr of material at max operating temperature.
    Pressure vary...needs to be calulated, for cement plants..can get to -10kpA easily
    Design ducts on slopes..avoid buildsups...horizontal ducts are sometimes design with 30% filling/loading

    Suggest that U seek expert advice NOW to avoid serious and costly mistakes.



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    Pressure Drop in Duct

    Thanks sir,
    But for process ducting pressure drop calculation is very importance otherwise Fan power is very high. A Dust loading in gas any effect on Duct design & pressure drop calculation? I am Mechanical engineer but I do not about chemical & physical propriety various Gases (like below mention) in cement plant & power plant. For Ducting velocity considered on Ronald Number (Re) & Dynamic viscosity & Type of Flow (Laminar flow –Tribulation Flow).

    1. Hot Gases Duct From Cooler to Pre heater Duct
    2. Vertical Raw Mill to Cyclone & Bag House Inlet Duct.
    3. Boiler to Air Preheater
    4. Air Preheater to E.S.P. & chimany.

    Please clarify above.

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    I think what r.j.morrish is saying is that you need to employ a consultant to do this design work for you.

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    You should be able to work it all out from the equipment supplier data e.g. for a baghouse the air/cloth ratio is stated, the connecting flange sizes are on the drawings & cloth area is also mentioned. From that and the manufacurer's pressure relief value you get the velocity in the duct. For an engineer it should be quite straightforward. I note you have just thrown in an ESP that was not mentioned in the original post.
    One of Parkinson's laws defines a consultant as "someone who borrows your watch to tell you the time and then walks off with your watch". Your consultant will be able to start a jewellery business unless you do your homework!

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    .... a consultant as "someone who borrows your watch to tell you the time and then walks off with your watch", you forgot the other bit "he charges you for the privilege" :-))

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    Red face

    You'll also forget thing when you get to my age.

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    We offer ducting system design services

    Dear Sir.

    We offer professional ducting system design services and can be contacted through our website

    Good luck with your project.

    Best regards


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    for flue gas duct of boiler, you consider velocity about 8 to 10 m/s ., to find out the area of duct.

    You must have total flue gas quantity. If you dont have it then take from your boiler supplier or contact me.

    R u working anywere in Gujarat?

    be in touch on

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    ducting design for bagfilter

    Dear sir,

    please guide me to determine the size calculation of vent ductiing for bagfilter.

    how can we determine the size of ducting? and how can we design the duct size?


    sandeep soni

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