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Thread: Cosmetic Powder Applications, Mills?

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    Cosmetic Powder applications, mills?

    To whom it may concern,
    We currently produce cosmetic powders using traditional blending methods. We are currently using two littleford day FKM, FM blendes. we are getting requests for jetmilled powders etc.

    What would be the best mill for this application, a Hosokawa ACM impact/classifire mill or a jetomizer type jet mill? What other equipment would I need for testing the milled powders, Scatter particle size analyzer, Ro-tap machine etc?

    We use a 1SH Micro-pul pulverizer, it is my understanding that the mean final particle size is around 80-mesh of course with fines etc. The throughput on a hammer mill is reduced due to the feed-rate and attritional heat using smaller screens.

    Our usual batch sizes are 10-30 kilos.

    Please help, thankyou.

  2. looking for business partner

    Dear Sir,

    we are producing the Aluminium oxide ceramic ball for processing the bulk powder and the refine chemicalpowder.

    1.Wear Resistance Ceramic Ball With Middle Aluminum Content
    2.Wear Resistance Ball Of Corundum.
    --- Diameter. 60mm 55mm 40mm 30mm
    3.--- Aluminum Oxide Ball
    4.--- Refractory Materials Aluminous Rock
    6.---Refractory Brick And Clay Brick With Middle And High Content Of Aluminum
    7.-- Mill Linings With Middle Aluminum Content
    8. ---BAUXITE

    Our products is a grinding body used in BALL MILL , LIBRATING MILL AND OTHER FINE BREAKING PLANTS.

    It has advantages of high hardness ,high volumetric density and anticorrosion, with the smashing efficiency and scuff-resistance much better than that of common ,pigment, chemicals and other filed.


    I am looking forward to hearing from you as soon !
    Best Regards

    we can supply the Aluminum Oxide ball for Ball Mill, and the BAUXITE MATERIALS, and Grinding Ball.
    TEL: 0086 13595120059
    TEL / FAX: 0086 851 6745618

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    BenP Guest

    We work with a company who make a range of jet mills specifically designed for the food, pharma and cosmetics industry.

    Also we supply a range of low cost particle size analysers so you can easily analyse the final output.

    If you send me an email : and include some details on your application and location then I'll help find the best solution.



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    Bob Mulqueen Guest

    Thumbs up Jet Mill

    I think you should contact the guy below. This is a very good company who specialise in Jet Mills. They have a new revolutionary design with reduced energy consumption and 99.8% + yield which I have verified.

    The ACM is now classified as outdated technology and this mill from FPS below is certainly work having a look at especially with regard to performance and cost. They have their own inhouse test facility.

    Mr. Mauro Zocchi
    Food Pharma Systems (FPS)
    Via Rogia
    6965 Cadro – Switzerland
    T: +41 (91) 943 14 85
    F: +41 (91) 943 14 88

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    MicroGrinding Systems makes a very simple, economical, low energy consumption, very low maintainance micro-grinding system. I am getting very good results with the leased unit we are testing. They will test grind your material; and they also do some contract grinding. Their phone number is 501 374 8402.

    Web site

    Good luck,

  6. Jet Milling


    Jet milling will easily produce that silky smooth feel your cosmetic powder customers are looking for. A laboratory scale jet mill can handle a 30 Kg batch in under a half day including setup and cleanup. The process requires considerable compressed air - about 15 hp for your size process. My company can offer custom processing of your products initially or there are other custom cosmetic processors out there who use Jet Pulverizers.

    Regards testing, some people in your industry check particle size just by the feel. (One can feel a 44 micron particle) We use a laser based particle size analyzer but to start out you could use a microscope or simple draw gauges to check size.

    Our test data file will probably have information on all the products you work with and we would be pleased to help you in any way we can.

    William Henry
    The Jet Pulverizer Co.

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    Cosmetic Powder Applications

    Dear Mr Zelesnid / Sirs,

    I refer to your Enquiry posted on the Bulk-Online Forum regarding reduction of cosmetic powders.

    Hosokawa Micron UK are manufacturers of the Mikro Pulverizer SH units as well as the Air Classifier Mills (ACM) and Jet Mill technologies from our Group Company Alpine.

    We would be please to review your application in detail and provide our expert guidance to this effect.

    To enable our contact please by return can you advise further your full Company contact details (name, address, etc) and a contact email address.

    With Kind Regards

    Barry Walmsley - Hosokawa Micron UK Ltd

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    Smile Micronising / jet milling of cosmetics

    In response to your interesting question: In Europe both the MicroPulveriser hammer mill and e.g. Alpine UPZ impact mill are used for standard application cosmetic powders. In my experience with work done in the UK & France these mills can get down to 80-100 mesh, according to airflow and use of conditioned air to counter frictional heat generation. Companies we have worked with have generally been looking for a sea-change to much finer powders in smaller quantities - i.e. less than 600 or 800 mesh with a high - say 98% - less than 1250 mesh (10 microns). This would equate to say 200 - 400 Nm3/h air supplied at 8 barg to Spiral Jet Mills (aka pancake mills or micronisers) 8"/200mm ; 12" /300mm resp. This would give product rates of between 10 - 20 kg/h (22-44 lb/h)

    Atritor Ltd supply a full range of these units to very high sterile operation standards. Please contact Atritor direct - (Veitch McQueen) or via or agent for these mills in the US - (Mike Prior of Fitzpatrick.

    In general the ACM type machine will give a more controlled PSD finer than the non-classifier impact mills, but micronised / jet-milled seems to be what the market really wants.

    George Milburn - Powder Associates (Atritor, PMT Jetmill, Pharmill Technology)

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    Our company, raised early in the twentieth century, have been successful during these years designing and manufacturing size reduction plants and equipment for fine and ultrafine grinding.
    Nuova GUSEO is a leader company in manufacturing of a wide range of highly qualified and reliable equipment. Among these it is possible to find:

    Fluid jet mills (Micronizers).
    Pre-crushers (different types and models).
    Roll crushers.
    Hammer mills with classifying screen.
    Hammer mills with vertical axis and self-classifying (Pulverizers).
    Glove box

    Nuova GUSEO can grant today the use of its equipment in the following fields and with the greatest satisfaction:


    If you need a qoutation of a jet mill plants please send us an inquiry mail.

    Best Regards

    Nuova Guseo
    Ing. Mazzetta Francesco

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    Jet Mill Vs. Littleford Day

    We are currently using little ford day processing equipment to manufacture our powders in house. We are using the chopper/plough configuration.

    What are the particle size do Jet Mills produce Vs. little ford day blenders?

    what are the benefits of using a Jet Mill for cosmetic powder manufacture as oppsed to traditional means?

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