Helix Technologies is pleased to announce the release of the new
Helix delta-T version 5 Conveyor Design Program.

Download a full working copy of the software from our website at


Development began in 1992 and delta-T now has many users who depend on the program to provide consistent, accurate and cost effective belt conveyor designs.


Automatic Selection of Belt and Tension, Power Calculations

Databases for Belts, Idlers, Pulleys & Shafts, Gearboxes, Motors, Fluid Couplings, Brakes etc.

Create a 3D model of the conveyor

Calculate Vertical Curve radii and super-elevation (banking) angles for Horizontal curves

Add any number of Conveyor Pulleys, Drives, Loading points, Trippers, Brakes etc.

Over 60 reports can be viewed, printed or exported to Word, PDF files or Excel etc.

email: helix@vianet.net.au

web site: http://www.helixtech.com.au