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Worcester, UK, Novemeber 1, 2001 – The new Siemens ME100 motion sensor protects your investment in process equipment.

This heavy duty motion sensor has been specially designed to protect rotating and conveying equipment such as bucket elevators, rotary feeders, screw conveyors, and belt conveyors used in the mining, aggregate, cement, water and wastewater, and pulp and paper industries.

The ME100 sensor monitors ferrous targets mounted to drive sprockets or rotating pulleys. It can also monitor motor shaft drive keys and screw conveyor flights. Its magnetic field immediately detects any change in motion (increase, decrease, or lack of motion) and prompts an alarm that signals the operator to resolve the problem. Alternatively, it will automatically shut down the equipment if the ME100 is tied into the motor control scheme. Quick detection helps protect equipment from damage and prevents process failure.

The ME100 sensor’s strong magnetic field allows effective monitoring of ferrous targets up to 100 mm (4”) away, depending on target size and speed. Detection is unaffected by dust or moisture, and is reliable within a wide temperature range (-20° to 65°C or -4° to 149°F). The ME100 has a rugged 316 stainless steel body and mounting clamp, and offers 24 VDC operation for improved safety. It meets all the requirements for CE compliance.

The ME100 HL (High/Low) model has a self-calibration feature and alarms at speeds both above and below the calibration point. Digital electronics accurately detect overspeed or underspeed situations. The ME100 ZS (Zero Speed) model offers simple alarming of machinery approaching zero speed. Set up is easy with no calibration required as the ME 100 HL is self-calibrating, and the ME100 ZS has pre-set calibration.

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