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Thread: Recycling of LD Slag

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    We are now working on the recycling of solid waste materials generated at integrated steel plants.
    The utilisation of some of these materials is really difficult due to the presence of very harmful components in it.

    I am now working on the utilisation of LD slag of a modern steel plant. The slag roughly contains 46% CaO,12% SiO2, 21% Fe and 1.42% of P. If the phosphorous can be removed by any suitable method than the material can be recycled in the sintering plant.

    On the other hand if both Fe and P can be removed than the material is highly suitable for cement making.

    I shall be thankful for any suggestions and advice how to tackle the problem.

    Dr. Bisweswar Das
    RRL, Bhubaneswar

  2. Slag Processing

    In what form is this slag.
    Large lumps/ Powder ??
    Many methods have been used before to take waste streams and produce higher value products from them . A good example is the processing of Flyash for use in cement and other building/construction applications. With flyash a method of processing can be used to reduce the carbon content to improve the pozzolanic properties to allow its use in concrete mixes.
    Further information on this slag would be useful.

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