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    For a new project, a large( 42m) diameter silo is required to store 50 000 t of sugar.

    Common practice so far is using multiple outlets for silo discharge and top conveyors for feeding. While this practice may be adequate for relatively small diameter silos, for large ones it becomes difficult to operate and unreliable, particularly relating to the discharge when small discharge openings may get blocked and difficult to re-open.

    I am looking for an alternative type of discharge , asking if aeration is not a possible solution and if anyone has experience with this method in sugar storage. If other methods for sugar feeding and discharge from silos are available, I will be open to any suggestions.

    With kind regards,

    Murray & Roberts Engineering Solutions
    Bedfordview , Johannesburg
    South Africa
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  2. alternative reclaim system from sugar silo

    We have used several types of reclaim systems in our large diameter domes; both mechanical and pneumatic. For sugar storage domes, I am aware of only mechanical systems being utilized; and in domes ranging up to 55 meters diameter. In other types of products we have utilized another mechanical system which has proven effective in domes up to 65 meter diameter. If you are interested please contact me and we can introduce you to these suppliers.

    Mike Hunter
    DOMTEC International

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    For a fairly large type of circular storage for granular bulk solids you may consider the use of the Wagonwheel reclaim system. This system requires either a single or multiple outlet ( dependent on reclaim rate required ) that feed a reclaim conveyor positioned under the storage cell on its centreline. You can look at the concept on
    It must be realised that the properties of the sugar, whilst residence, need to be controlled.
    We would happily forward an information pack on our system so you can consider the advantages.

    Kind Regards,

    Keith Van Gorp
    Wagonwheel Int'l Pty Ltd
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    Sugar Silo

    Dear Mr Fliss,

    With reference to your above posting we inform you about Polem storage silos. Polem produces since 25 years glassfiber reinforced polyester silos and
    tanks with capacities from 1 to 300 cu.m. The capacity silo you wish is not in
    the range we make, maybe in the future you have other projects so we can
    cooperate together.

    Polem is active in the following market segments:
    Synthetic granulates and
    Plastic industry
    Animal food industry
    Environment sector.

    Excuse us for the belated reaction.


    Contact persons: J. Jellesma (Tel. direct 0514 - 568178)
    P. Smits (Tel. direct 0514 - 568154)
    A.H.J. Huitema (Tel. direct 0514 - 568177)


    We readed your enquiry, I specialized in this field, with a great experience
    First of all ; are you storing white cristalalized sugar with air conditioning temperature and moisture control
    Type of silo : Dome
    Vertical in concrete or metallic single or double
    First in / First out unloader in not recommended because produce fine powders
    We recommend the following design :
    1)Vertical metallic silo, double walls, control atmosphere of sugar which permit free flowing and extraction by multiple outlets bottom or by sweeping with special screw unloader of natural residual cone after free flowing unloading

    2)Option dome system

    3)All engineering, equipment are available in our partners in France, eveen turn-key contract

    Pls contact me

    Fax + 33164215692 Mr CABEZAS
    Prodex International
    Po box 46
    F 77502 Chelles Cedex

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