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Thread: Ceramics and Pipe Bends

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    A. Davies Guest

    Ceramics and Pipe Bends

    I know that ceramics are used as wear linings in pneumatic conveying pipework, but how suitable are they for high temperature pipework? Are ceramics capable of working at temperatures of around 1800 Fahrenheit?

    A. Davies.

  2. Pipe Bends

    Hi Mr. Davies,

    Ceramics are used as high temperature wear/corrosion resistant lining systems in pipe bends and straights.

    Alumina ceramic can be used where the temperature rise is slow and predictable. If the temperature conditions fluctuation wildly, a fine grained reaction bonded silicon carbide would be more suitable. Nitride bonded silicon carbide could be considered, but this materials is porous and is not recommended for use in corrosive conditions.

    Refractory cement based systems should also be considered for low velocity (below 30 metres per second) abrasive/corrosive applications. Cement based systems are particularly effective against conditions of high thermal shock.

    It's important to remember that there are 3 materials used in the construction of a ceramic lined pipe bend: the ceramic lining components, the refractory cement grout and the steel bend. Obviously, all three materials will be expanding and contracting at different rates and it's vital that the overall system is designed to ensure that the ceramic components do not crush each other during normal expansion or contraction.


    Mike Griffiths.

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    Marco Aurelio Flores-Verdugo

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    high temperature bends

    Yes they are used in high temperature , 1800 fareheith is about 800 C. you can easyly get away with cheaper solutions .

    We are staring up a plant in Australia that is designed for pneumatic conveyoin at 800 degrees c.

    and some 10 years or so I designed and built tha ome in monterrey , designed for also for abouth the same temperature , although the designs are very different (safety and environmental concersn are greater in australia.

    The plant in Monterrey no longer opperates at high temperature I believe they are conveying below 400 degrees c. But the energy saving are Humungus the project has paid for itself many times every year.

    If yoy believe what you see do not use bends

    please , doesent matter what some people say , if you can use tee bends, by the way what is your product, is it sticky at the conveying temperature?

    Do you expect to have large thermal shocks , and abouth impact how large are your particles?

    remenber also you should isulate your pipeline somehow , hot pipes and ceramics do not like rain .

    also human beings react poorly when exposed to hot temperatures.


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  4. AS usual , they can use in such high temperature. but it depends on the working conditions ,the quality of the ceramic ,application and installation.

    so firstly, u should tell us the working condition , then we can give u proper advice.

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