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Thread: High rate loading of 20ft. containers

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    Mark du Toit Guest
    I have recently undertaken the challenge of the high-rate loading (approx. 150 mtph) of a standard 20 ft. long container with the double opening doors at the rear of the container. The container may not be modified at all and due to current loading restraints cannot be elevated for 'gravitational' type loading. Volumetrically, the container is only 30% full at max. mass loading.

    The material is not 'dusty', is all sub 75 micron and has a bulk density of 3000 kg/m^3. The application does not allow for the use of the standard 'bag-in-a-box' type system due to cost restraints, but plans to simply use a plastic liner to be folded over and taped upon completion of loading. This method has been tested and is sufficiently adequate.

    The material is ideal for dense-phase conveying, fluidises well and is fairly abrasive. I would appreciate any feedback from anyone having had any involvement in a similar type application.

  2. High rate loading of 20ft. containers

    Hi Mark,
    I have installed a system for the loading of plastic pellets on my plant. The first containers were fitted with wooden bulk heads at the double door end for export. As international demand increased, I changed to steel bulk heads, as it became problematic to send timber (in our case the wooden bulk heads) into certain counties.
    We have since sourced a number of 20ft containers that can be top loaded through three hatches in the roof, or side loaded through the "non door" side.
    I use a simple loading chute for side loading, but the same containers are top loaded on a sister plant.
    I am located in Sasolburg, about a 90 minute drive from Johannesburg, my e-mail is, and my telephone number is +27 16 920 2626, should you wish to visit.
    Feel free to call.

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