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    John Taylor Guest
    We have a number of hydrocyclones varying in size up to 12 inches bore X 60 inches high, working in high pressure environments of up to 10,000 psi. Maximum temperatures in the region of 350 degrees Fahrenheit.

    Our problem is one of heavy wear, mainly in the parallel section of the clone around the height of the inlet. Would ceramics provide a possible solution?

    Does anyone have experience of using ceramic linings in high pressure hydrocyclones?

    Quarz is causing the wear problem and the velocity through the clone is around 150 feet per second.

    Thank you.

    John Taylor.

  2. Hydrocyclones

    Hi John,

    Ceramics are being used in high pressure hydrocyclones as wear protection against high velocity quartz.

    You might like to view our Web sit at and, in particular, this page: which specifies a hydrocyclone lining system capable of working in the conditions you have described.

    The success of a ceramic hydrocyclone lining in a high pressure environment depends on the system being designed to allow pressure equalisation behind the ceramic castings. It is also very important that the lining system is held securely and not allowed to oscillate, or vibrate.


    Mike Griffiths

  3. We provide wear resistance solution of many wearing components without failure against severe abrasive attack and abnormal loading condition by fixing laminated plate or bar of Chrome –Molybdenum white iron with Chromium 14 to 18%and Molybdenum 2.5 to 3.5 %, metallurgical bonded to a mild steel backing plate. The bond joint is strong metallurgical bond with > 33,000 psi making the steel plate an integral part of the white cast iron and it is heat resistance at 800º F (425º C) continuous with no negative effects on the iron. The mild steel backer plate not only provides weld-ability for ready attachment . The metallurgical bond provides fail-safe characteristics, which enables continued use even after fracture due to abnormal loading. The chrome –Molybdenum white iron wear layer, in thickness up to 2 inches, is completely through hardened (i.e. no soft center or back) in the heat treatment process, to a hardness of 700 Brinell, 64 Rockwell C.

    We shall to be pleased discuss further after hearing from you through E.mail.

  4. John,
    We can offer you Alumina lined Cyclone which can last longer than any other cyclone in the environment you have indicated. For furtherr detail you may visit our site and if you have any specific requirement you may send your enquiry to


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