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Thread: Look for a Coal unload tripper manufacturer or supplier

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    Our customer has a new power project, which consist of two 600MW coal fired units. This project is schedule to be officially commenced by Chinese government in next early year. Mow the owner is on the tender stage. They are looking for a coal unload trippers manufacturer. If your company has such products, do not hesitate to contact us and send catalogs to us. Attached is the technical specification for this kind of trippers.
    1. Tripper’s technical requirement:
    a) Trippers shall be mounted on the belt conveyer system, and be capable to travel and unload automatically.
    b) The trippers?discharge outlet and raw coal bunk shall be sealed with rubber belt
    c) Necessary measures shall be taken to prevent trippers out of control condition.
    d) Conveyer B=1200mm
    e) Trippers shall have rubber pulleys.
    f) Tripper’s position signal shall be transferred to the coal handling system control room, and satisfy the program control request.
    g) Trippers with 4 way coal chute
    h) Guarantee the coal shall not be discharged to the place between two silos, and able to do normal unload to other silos in case of last silo’s maintains.
    i) Impact buffering idler shall be included.
    j) Power supply: rolling cable
    k) Discharge angle shall be less than 16?
    Shaanxi Huadian Corporation
    C,7/F,ChangHai Building
    No.298,West Jixiang Rd.
    Xian,China 710065
    Tel 86-29 822-8508 Fax 86-29-822-8301
    Email ;
    Contact: Mr. Philip Wang

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    David Gilroy Guest
    Hello, My firm Dust Solutions Inc. supplies dry fog dust suppression systems for the coal handling equipment that you seek. Our system agglomerates airborne dust by producing a fog that attaches to the dust particles, increasing their mass so that they settle out. This is the driest form of suppression meaning least amount of BTU penalty. No chemicals are required. View for more details.

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    JimWay Guest

    Conveyor Equipment Manufacturer

    Dear Sir,

    We are a professional manufacturer major in Idlers, Belt Cleaners, Skirt Rubber, Impact Bar, Pulley, Wear-Resistant Ceramic Lining Plate, and other Belt Conveyor Accessories, we established in 1981 and have an excellent reputation through more than 22 years manufacturing experience, especially in the solution and manufacturing of the conveyor idlers, belt cleaners, and etc; then we have got the certificate of ISO 9001.since years ago.
    The JIM WAY products have been widely adopted by Taiwan Power Company, Mining Company, Cement Industry, Iron & Steel Corp. and industries which request rigorously quality on conveyor system. Therefore, we have dedicated to research the way to surmount the traditional steel idlers restrictions; Now, one of our most outstanding product that we had surmounted successfully is the Superior Polymer Idlers., which are made by superior polymer pipe, set with the high quality bearing and our peculiar design of 4 layers multilabyrinth that is excellent for dust and water proof, they are all tested by international rules, standardized CEMA, JIS and DIN and guaranteed by our company, The improved idlers are strongly suggested to the anti-acidic, alkaline and corrosive working sites. they are lightweight, low friction, impact resistance, anti-static and economic. Which are convenience to be applied to Concrete, Cement, Quarry, Limestone, Fertilizer, Salt, Sugar, Pulp fields and etc.
    By the other side, our patented belt cleaners are very competitive internationally as well as its price, which are designed with autocompensation & shock-absorption spring tension regulator and the pressure scaling indicator that make more efficiently to install, maintain, or replace it.
    Therefore, if you want to know further information or inquiry, pls just feel free to ask us, we are always glad to be in the service for you and look forward to any kind of your partnership.
    In case of saving your precious time, I sincerely wish you could visit our web site:

    Best Regards

    Santiago Chang
    International Business Manager

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