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Thread: Bulk Materials Port Facilities

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    Steve Davis

    Steve Davis, B.Eng., P.Eng., CEng, CPEng, FIMechE, FIEAust

    Principal Advisor


    Does anyone have, or know where to access, a listing of world wide port facilities loading or unloading large volume bulk materials, specifically coal and iron ore but other volume materials would be useful also.

  2. Dear Steve,

    I suggest the following sites for News on port development and technology

    If you like to have only a list of port in any country, you may visit

    Good Luck

    P K Venugopalan

  3. 1) gives list of all ports countrywise. However we have to see individual liks for facilities available. info about American Ports.

    I could not find a portel for Ports with type of material (liquid/ solid etc) handled.

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    Helmut Mayer

    Helmut Mayer

    Director and Principal Engineer

    Mayer International Group Pty. Ltd.

    Mayer International Group Pty. Ltd.
    Has that link now become ?

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