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Thread: Man-made Snow Conveying

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    ramaswamy Guest
    We are working for a Man made snow conveying project through Pneumatic conveying system . Can any one suggest suitable pipeline material. We understand SS 304 is not suitable and the best alternative as Plastic pipes.

    System capacity reqd: 4 TPH
    Snow bulk density: 400 kg / m3

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    Man made snow conveying

    I have a supplier of urethane lined pipe and ells that would provide the most efficient conveying with replaceable lining for the ells and straights.

    You may contact me at 231-638-0865 or for further discussion.

  3. How long is the transport lenght?
    You can use rubber pipe. If you send us the pressure you work we can quote it to you if it will be interest.
    Rubber is the best kind. It´s flexible and not so heavy as steel and it´s not bad against abrasive material.
    If you will be interest we can quote to you together with couplings.

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