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    Paul CRABB Guest
    I urgently need access to a good glossary of terms used in the bulk materials storage and handling business. I would prefer something I can access electronically, as I may not have enough time to send for a paper publication - but all good suggestions are welcome.

    Many thanks

    Paul Crabb

  2. Dear Paul:

    You can obtain glossaries from any of the trade organizations involved with the business. This include organizations such as NIBA, CEMA, and RMA in the US for conveyor belt material handling systems. You can also obtain glossaries from most of the belt or equipment manufacturers (I would recommend the Enerka-Georgia Duck website as a good starting point.

    For information on non-belt material handling systems, you can get glossaries from the trade organizations that are connected to whatever type of equipment you are interested in (suggest that you do an Internet search) or from the major equipment manufacturers.

    Good luck in your search.

    Dave Miller
    ADM Consulting
    10668 Newbury Ave., N.W.,
    Uniontown, Ohio 44685 USA
    Tel: 001 330 265 5881
    FAX: 001 330 494 1704

  3. Dear Paul,

    You may also visit for quick introduction of conveyor components, accessories and their use.

    A best reference book would be
    The seventh edition since the first in 1952. Many of the more than 150 types of conveyors, their variations and many components are illustrated in this industry dictionary. ($30.00) 69 pages.
    CEMA No. 102 - 2000

    A glossary ( not comprehensive ) of conveyor terms can also be found at


  4. Glossary

    The |British Materials Handling Board has published a compehansive'Glossary of Terms in Powder and Bulk Technology', At about 112 pages it is available from BMHB, Fourteen Moss Manor, The Avenue, Sale, Cheshire. M33 4PH at £ 30.

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