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    Author Guest
    Dear Sirs,
    I found your site on the Internet. I am looking for a producer/supplier of a particular equipment (I do not know how is it called, not even in Italian...) which can lift full bulk containers with liner, than tilt them in order to load a road silo truck. In other words, this system allows to
    transfer some bulk product from a box container to a road truck only using the gravity.
    I have seen this equipment in the port of Antwerp, and I would like to get in touch with some manufacturers in order to have some technical details, as well as an idea of price, of this machinery.
    Our Company deals with plastics product (HDPE) and I work in the supply chain/logistics/transportations.

    I thank you in advance for your help

    Manrico Scarpelli
    Supply Chain PE - Gestione Trasporti
    Tel 0039 0586 721743
    Fax 0039 0586 721804

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    container lifting devices

    Dear Sir ,

    You have a whole range of container handling equipment , all with their disadvantages and advantages. We recently installed in our plant a container yard with 30' and 40' containers. I suggest you to look at the site

    I think you saw a sideloader
    But there is a wide range of handling equipment :
    - mobile cranes
    - straddle carriers
    - side loaders (self loading semi-trailers)
    - frontlift loaders / fork lift trucks
    - reach stackers

    Also the means of unloading containers must be investigated.

    The operation took me 4-6 months to study, our operation is now in use for 8months.

    Kind Regards ,
    Koen Servaes
    MH Engineer
    Borealis Polymers NV

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    ramaswamy Guest

    Bulk container unloading by tilting

    Dear sir,
    We are in the business of Bulk material handling consultancy.
    I think what you are looking is for Gravity Discharge unit by using a Demountable Tipping frame. We deal with 20 feet and 40 feet Tipkitcomplete with Power pack.
    Please send your complete details like
    Container size,
    Estimated weight
    Product in the container
    Type of liner used
    based on which we will suggest our TAMPLIN tip kit which needs to be loaded onto the trailer and locked down with trailer's twistlocks.

    The container should be placed onto Tipkit and locked using the Tipkit's screw down twistlocks.

    The unit is tipped by using the self contained power pack.

    Start the diesel engine and operate the single manual control lever to tip the unit. The built-in Hydraulic relief valve prevent over loading. to lower the container move the lever down and stop the engine when the container is at rest.

    When the trailer is not required for tipping discharge, remove the Tipkit and the trailer is free for normal container duty.

    Park the Tipkit in the ground for next tipping consignment.

    Hope this is what you are looking for

    Please send your requirement to

    371 BEACH ROAD, # 03 - 28 KEYPOINT,
    SINGAPORE 199597

    PH. 295 5282
    FX. 295 5705

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