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Our company, Jinan Winner Instrument Co., Ltd, is a high-tech enterprise specialized in research, development, manufacture and marketing of laser particle size analyzers. Our company has the first-class teams of products development and software development. More than 90% of the employees have educational levels above undergraduate, even some are experts and professors who are accomplished in optics, electron, computer, chemical and material industry. The laser particle size analyzers are a serial of products, which are the results of our company taking part in the Seventh Five-Year Plan of the national technique research, the Eighth and the Ninth Five-Year Plan technological innovation project of Shandong Province. Till now, our products have been widely used in well-known universities, the national-level research institutes, listed companies, joint venture companies and forward positions of national defenses scientific research. The products have won many honors such as the gold medal of the first exposition of science and technology and the title National-level Key New Products, which are honored by eight national departments, such as State Science and Technology Commission, the State Bureau of Technical Supervision of the country, pass Certificate of Making Computation instrument, etc. Even more, our products are the only domestic ones among the trade those have passed the qualification of National Standard Material Center. Depending on its strong technological strength and good public praise, our company has obtained brilliant achievements in the past time. Our company takes popularizing advanced granule test technology as its own duty; our management aim is making profits for two sides: customers and ourselves, and we will serve customers wholeheartedly.

Main Exhibits

JL-9200 portable high-resolution laser particle size analyser
Winner2000 desk-top laser particle size analyser
Winner3000 dry powder laser particle size analyser
Winner2018 sectional laser particle size analyser
Winner99 micro particle image analyser
Winner211 spray laser particle size analyser

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