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Thread: Problem of Conveying by Pipe Conveyor

  1. Hello,

    This thread is about 14 years old. I am attending it just for general information. Presently this may not have relevance to your problem.

    You have chosen pipe conveyor which can carry iron ore at the rate of upto 500 mtph. Your query is whether the pipe conveyor will have any problem if you use it for 150 mtph. As a rule, pipe conveyor cannot have problem even when running at empty condition, because continuous feeding round the clock is not possible most of the times and some times there may be no material to feed. So conveyor or pipe conveyor cannot not have problem when running at empty or partial or full load condition.

    Only in some types of rotary crushers, frequent empty running is not advisable because it will make noise and reduce the life of crusher.

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  2. Low fill pipe conveyors.

    Really lower volumes are not a problem in a pipe conveyor, with materials that easily roll it is better than in conventional trough belt.
    For example for materials such as granular spherical or powder type which on steeper inclines would roll back on the belt, in a pipe conveyor they would roll back less due to more contact and in anycase be contained until following material came to take it.
    The only problem with low fills like empty belts you can get a somewhat different tracking position.

    Paul Holt

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    Low Fill Pipe Conveyors

    Indeed the material has no where to go but backwards as it is contained from going out. Discharge would be in the form of slugs that plugged or nearly plugged the pipe cross-section depending on how bad the profile angle violation. This behavior will result in bad wear and tear and, depending how long the plug, could result in stalling the belt drive due to material weight overload and especially increased belt line travel resistance as the swelled material cross-section is squeezed through the lesser aperture of the pipe section at each hex idler.
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  4. In my experience yes you can get a little extra wear if you have material consistently sliding on the belt but it is small.
    Regarding overload with plugs it is not usual, because the pipe is semi rigid slide back does not cause plug to expand the belt diameter beyond the the pipe hexagon idlers.
    The place where this can occur is if overloading the belt at the tailend where control caution in needed.

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    Low Fill Pipe Conveyors

    As I said, the severity of the wear and tear and belt line resistance will depend on the severity of the profile angle violation. We have long known and it was demonstrated by A. Vierling in the 1950's, 1960's that increasing the troughing angle results in wedging that allows us to increase the conveying angle to a value approaching the angle of repose of the conveyed material. This is accompanied by increased belt line resistance to travel, thus increased power required. This effect was especially accentuated when the wedging was done with 2-roll V type troughing idlers. With incline angles that result in material slide back or roll back but don't exceed the material's angle of repose the pipe plugging/filling may stop due to wedging before complete plugging occurs so a free surface of the material remains and the pipe is not completely plugged. At conveying angles that exceed the material's angle of repose complete plugging and possible swelling will occur just as in the case of 100% filling at loading.
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