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Thread: Bagasse Conveyors

  1. In India many sugar plants are setting up co-generation power plants with Bagasse (Bio mass after sugarcane crushing)as fuel. Bagasse has a bulk density of 150 kg/ cu.m and the normal capcity of conveying is 50 to 100 TPH. The fresh bagasse from the mill has around 25% moisture and is little corrossive.

    Most of the plants use a scrapper type chain conveyor for conveying bagasse considering the ease of providing multiple discharge points and high conveying angles. As the material is dragged, the power consumption is very high.

    I am interested to know about any alternate technology, where the bagasse can be carried ( and not dragged), with a provision of multiple discharge at close spacing. This is aimed at reducing the power consumption and any suggestions with a reasonable payback period will have good business opportunity in India.

    Thanks and Regards

    P K Venugopalan
    Fenner India

  2. RE: Bagasse Conveyors

    Dear Sir,
    We would be interested in the development of a conveying system that would meet your requirements.
    Our understanding of the current difficulties is that due to the need to discharge the bagasse at different points to form a pile a scrapper type chain conveying system is used. The spaces between the scrapper bars allow for the material to discharge when the bottom of the conveyor bed is removed.
    It looks like that the main issue is the ability of removing the material from a carrying conveyor at multiple discharge points or to provide for discharge along the edge of the conveyor for a determined distance.
    Please let me know if I understand the problem correctly.
    Could you provide some numbers for conveying distance, current power consumption, equipment cost per linear unit, maintenance costs etc?
    Would you or you know of someone that could provide the marketing function for this type of project?
    Antonio Reis

  3. Dear Mr. Venugopalon:

    A standard troghing belt, tripper car arrangement should be suitable for this application. the tripper will provide multiple discharge points. On caution would be to use NBR (Nitrile) cover belts to avoid cover swelling due to the sugar cane.

    You should be able to obtain system cost information from a local conveyor fabricator.


    Dave Miller
    Dave Miller
    ADM Consulting
    10668 Newbury Ave., N.W.,
    Uniontown, Ohio 44685 USA
    Tel: 001 330 265 5881
    FAX: 001 330 494 1704

  4. A method used extensively in Australian Sugar Mills is the use of incline trough conveyors , up to 96 inches wide.
    These carry the Bagasse to the top of the boiler stations to feed the furnaces for fuel / energy for the plants , when they reach the top of the boiler system the conveyor is flattened out and a series of computer operated pneumatic ploughs are used to feed the Bagasse into the individual bins as required.

    I could probably put you in touch with company's who could further help with this if needed.

    Let me know.

    Bruce Baker
    Conveyor Services Directory

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    Bagasse Conveyors

    Dear Sir: The problems that you describe appear to be ideal for handling by our sandwich-belt high angle conveying system, the DSI Snake Conveyor. It offers high angles, high volumes, and smooth surfaced belts that can be plowed for discharge. In 1998 we used such a system for municipal sludge. An intermediate (Special air actuated) discharge plow was used at an intermediate point and the second discharge point was over the head pulley of the bottom belt. I believe this may work for your application. Please visit our web site for more on DSI Snakes, at .

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    Bagasse conveyors

    A little late to post a reply but then again new information and knowlege has no specific boundries.
    In January 1994 we installed our "world first" Aeroconveyor with 2100mm wide flat belting at Komati Sugar Mill. These where for the cane yard. The main cane, shredders, diffuser feed and discharge. All replacing the humble chain and all that goes with it.
    After 5 years running trouble and maintenance free, we where given the upgrade to the plant, where the cane yard was duplicated.
    You can read about this and other installations at our website and even have your basic questions answered at another site Please pay us a visit where we are available 24 hrs a day.
    The Komati conveyors all have a single discharge, forming a constant profile of bagasse 1900mm wide 280mm high feed into the diffuser. Multiple discharge points off a flat air supported conveyor belt are possible. We do a metre wide flat belt for paper but the volume and tonnages would certainly require special design. Nothing is imposible.
    I would just like to end with the comment that the use of the Aeroconveyors at the Komati sugar mill, allows you to take your family and have a picnic on the grass in the cane yard onlt centemetres away.

    Roy Hayter
    Aeroconveyors, South Africa.

  7. Dear Mr. P K Venugopalan,

    Belt conveyors are used for bagasse conveying also. Whether to use belt conveyor or chain conveyor depends upon the conveyor location and its function.
    If you feed the bagasse into boiled with very high moisture content, there will be some loss of heat to convert this moisture / water into steam, which will go as a part of flue gases. If you have some kind of drying / evaporation stage to reduce the moisture content, you will have a higher thermal efficiency of the plant.

    Also, when you are feeding bagasse into boiler, mostly you will need some storage and reclaim system to ensure continuity of feed into the boiler, as situation demands. This will be specific type of system to suit light weight and poor flowability of bagasse.

    Appropriate conveying and handling systems are there and are being used.

    Ishwar G Mulani.
    Author of Book : Engineering Science and Application Design for Belt Conveyors.
    Advisor / Consultant for Bulk Material Handling System & Issues.
    Email :
    Tel.: 0091 (0)20 25882916

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    nickiemae Guest
    Appropriate conveying and handling systems are there and are being used.

    i totally agree with this...

    ***God speed!***

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