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Thread: New Magnetic Levitated Bulk Handling Transport

  1. Maglev2000 of Titusville, Florida has developed a new high speed, super conducting, magnetic levitated mine haulage system (Maglev 4 Mining). The system is frictionless, minimal moving parts(low maintanence), and re-generative power system. The initial carrier will transit a narrow beam guideway and will carry 100 tons. It will operate at any grade up to vertical. The estimated cost per mile is $2 to $3 million. It will be a fully automated system and work with bottom, side or rotary dumping systems. It is a proven system, operating from Tokyo to Osaka at speeds up to 358 mph. A current designed system for an open pit mine will make a 4-mile round trip (load, haul, dump and return to loading station) in 15 minutes (80 mph). The system is also applicable to underground mining and commerical operations at lower or higher speeds.

  2. Maglev 2000

    Dear Sirs,

    I am intersted to know whether the system can be adapted for down hill conveying. Please also let me know the approximate power consumption per tonne per mile for a horizontal application and power generation if any in a downhill application

    Thanks and Regards

    P K Venugopalan
    Fenner India Ltd

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