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    Sugar Filling into Bags

    Sugar Filling into Valve and Open-Mouth Bags

    Author: Heinz Roters

    The increasing demands for the packing of food products, product quality and possibility of following the product flow from the end user back to the producer dominate public discussion. Key words, such as the protection of the consumer and product safety play an important role in the food industry not only for the consumers and the producers, but also for the suppliers of machines and equipment.

    The engineering industry is faced especially with the challenge developing the right solution to suit individual customer-specific requirements – a field where the company BEHN + BATES, Münster/Germany has gained experience for more than 70 years. BEHN + BATES develops sophisticated filling machines for the filling of free-flowing bulk products into valve and open-mouth bags. For a certain time the main focus has been the international food industry. Depending on the characteristics of the product to be filled, the technology that best suits the individual project requirements is chosen. Thanks to its internationally oriented sales structure, the medium-sized company has succeeded in doing business world-wide.

    Successful in the Sugar Industry

    In the past, the company Zuckerfabrik Jülich AG, Jülich, one of the well-known German sugar producers, filled its sugar products with the help of manually operated net free fall filling systems. This technology no longer met today’s increased requirements in regard to clean and tight packing of food products.
    The old filling installation had to be replaced with modern systems. BEHN + BATES thus installed two complete bagging lines for the filling of crystal sugar into 25 and 50 kg bags at Zuckerfabrik Jülich AG in the fall of 2003.

    The sugar producer required BEHN + BATES to elaborate a fully automatic solution for the filling of sugar into valve bags at an hourly output of up to 750 bags and into open-mouth bags at an hourly output of up to 1,000 bags. During the sugar campaign both installations are operated in 2 shifts, 7 days a week.

    Another request was to complete the installation and commissioning in only 2 – 3 weeks.

    Valve Bag Filling Technology

    BEHN + BATES relies on its industrially proven pneumatic packer, which works according to the air filling principle. This technology is used especially in the sugar industry to optimally fill all fine and coarse grain sizes.

    The products are filled into valve bags according to the gross system, i. e. the bags are weighed during the filling process. Continuous product flow is guaranteed by the product-specific adjustable aeration of the filling chamber and the design of the inclined chamber bottom.
    The special feature of the pneumatic packer is its compact and closed machine design. It is almost impossible for product deposits to build up in areas, which are difficult to access. At the same time, the pneumatic packer is extremely easy to access for cleaning and maintenance purposes.

    Valve Bag Sealing Technology

    Another request from the customer was the dust-tight sealing of the valve bags directly after the filling. BEHN + BATES uses the world-wide proven ultrasound sealing technology for the valve bag sealing.

    The sealing station is integrated in the filling machine frame so that the bags are sealed at the filling spout directly after the filling.
    An essential request from the customer with regard to a clean and dust-free filling environment in combination with a high filling capacity and sealing rate of 99.5 % is fulfilled due to the hermetically tight sealing of the bag valve directly at the filling spout. In addition, other plant components, such as conveyor belts and the palletizing equipment, are not

    contaminated by product deposits. Wear and tear as well as time and cost-intensive maintenance work are minimized for all plant components.

    Automatic Valve Bag Applicator FRONTLINE

    The FRONTLINE system is a modern linear applicator system that has proven to be highly economical - especially in combination with multiple-spout inline filling plants. This is due to the machine design that can be flexibly positioned according to the customers’ requirements and the possibility of handling both paper and PE valve bags. The empty-bag supply can be adjusted to different project needs. Due to the required output of 750 bags per hour, a horizontal empty bag magazine that can hold up to 1,000 empty bags has been supplied to Zuckerfabrik Jülich AG.
    The empty bag bundles are transferred to the separating station with the help of a transfer station. An integrated suction bar takes the single bags out of the magazine and opens them in one step. A cone is inserted into the valve. It spreads the valve and ensures an optimum forming for the secure application of the bag. Then, the empty bag is taken over by the empty bag claw of the applicator arm that precisely applies it onto the filling spout in a linear motion.
    The FRONTLINE achieves highest application rates of up to 99.5 % thanks to the linear applicator module.

    Open-mouth bag filling

    For the filling of sugar into open-mouth bags BEHN + BATES utilizes the Sackomat packaging system – a fully automatic machine that has proven its worth in continuous operation for the clean and gentle product filling into open-mouth bags. It can be flexibly adapted to customer-specific requirements in regard to the bag type, the bag material and the bag closure. High outputs can be achieved with low personnel cost.

    The company Zuckerfabrik Jülich AG uses the Sackomat system for open-mouth woven PP flat bags with PE inliner. The filled weight is 50 kg. The empty bag feed is assured by three bag magazines that are alternatively operated. The magazines can hold up to 1,500 PP flat bags. The operating personnel has to fill the empty magazines that are in waiting position.

    The empty bags are taken out of the bag magazine with the help of a separating station with suction bar and are exactly positioned on a bag opening table. The bags are opened by 2 suction bars that also apply the bags onto the filling claw. During the filling, the bags are securely fixed at the filling spout by an integrated spreading device and clamping jaws. The sugar smoothly glides into the bag with a minimum occurrence of dust. Bags that are not placed correctly are detected and discharged directly. It is thus not possible for product to be discharged when the bag is not applied.

    After the filling, the bag is released and lowered onto a conveyor belt. The full bags are held securely on both sides by a discharge unit when they are transported to the closing station. The drives operate simultaneously. Thus, an optimum full bag transport is guaranteed.

    The bag can be closed either by sewing or by welding. The company Zuckerfabrik Jülich AG has decided for the sewing of the filled bags.

    Electronic Netweigher

    The availability of a packaging line largely depends on the weighing technology, while the product weighing must be as gentle and accurate as possible.

    BEHN + BATES installed also at the Zuckerfabrik Jülich AG its proven and tested electronic netweigher that is designed to suit the specific requirements of the packing industries. The netweigher is equipped with 3 weighing cells. Due to its compact design the complete weighing system is maintenance-free and especially user-friendly.

    The company Zuckerfabrik Jülich AG thus is now in the position to fill its products with both high weight-accuracy and high capacity. The average standard deviation is approx. 10 g with both net weighers.

    For the product dosing into the netweigher, BEHN + BATES uses the flap dosing system due to the granular structure of the sugar to be filled.
    The sugar is discharged by the flap dosing from the pre-storage silo into the net weigher. It is accurately weighed and filled into the bag by the Sackomat filling spout.

    Full bag transport

    Both the valve bags and the open-mouth bags are discharged together on one single conveyor belt plant and transported to the palletizer. In addition, Zuckerfabrik Jülich AG asked to consider a metal detector for product control. It must be guaranteed that the final package does not include any metal parts. The metal detector integrated by BEHN + BATES in the conveyor belt plant guarantees a basic sensivity of 1.7 mm diameter for ferrous metals and 2.5 mm diameter for stainless steel parts (material 1.4401). The machine manufacturer BEHN + BATES also successfully fulfilled this additional requirement.


    Thanks to the accurate and detailed planning as well as the optimum cooperation with the company Zuckerfabrik Jülich, BEHN + BATES was able to start up both filling lines for crystal sugar very quickly and integrated them into the production process to the full satisfaction of the customer.

    BEHN + BATES technology again proves itself in continuous industrial operation due to its high availability as well as its simple and clear operator guidance. Thanks to the gentle, hygienic and weight-accurate product filling the high requirements of the food industries are successfully fulfilled.

    BEHN + BATES – Your partner in the planning of modern filling plants for the food industry.

    For more information, please visit:
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