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Thread: Environmental & Safety Aspects - H/2000

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    Posted on December 06, 1999 at 13:32:01:

    Topic: Environmental & Safety Aspects - H/2000

    In March 2000 we will publish the third generation Series of

    "The Best of powder & bulk solids handling & processing":
    H/2000 Environmental & Safety Aspects
    March 2000, about 30 papers, about 216 pages
    US$ 50.00, SFR 75.00, DM 90.00.
    Shipping charges will be added.
    Surface mail (from Malaysia): US$ 5.00 per book
    Air mail (from Malaysia): US$ 15.00 per book
    Courier: upon request

    Order address:
    Please ask for Proforma Invoice and
    specify mode of shipment:

    Should you be interested in
    placing advertisements in this book,
    please contact me immediately and
    I will send you our very attractive prices.
    Advertising deadline: January 15, 2000.
    Billing will be in March/April 2000.
    Thank you.

    Each Author and Co-Author of articles published in this
    book will receive a free copy. If you are an Author or Co-Author,
    please email or fax your address immediately,
    so that we can send you your copy as soon as published.
    This also holds true for all new
    "Best of.." books, including books presently in preparation:
    A/2000 Parts I to IV: Silos, Hoppers, Bins & Domes
    B/2000 Stacking Blending Reclaiming
    C/2000 Bulk Ports - Shiploading & Unloading
    D/2000 Parts I to III: Pneumatic Conveying
    I/2000 Parts I to III: Belt Conveyor Technology
    (for details please consult our Discussion Forum on and use the search function
    to find the book you are interested in. Thank you).

    Tentative Table of Contents:

    A.J. Chambers
    The Measurement of Alumina Dustiness

    W. Castor and A. Gray
    Evaluating the Dustiness of Powders

    H. Michiels
    Explosion Protection for Bag Emptying Equipment

    A.J. Chambers
    Assessment of Alumina Dustiness

    G. Lüttgens
    Dangers of Electrostatic Ignition when
    Using Flexible Bulk Containers

    E. Wurr
    Electrostatic Charge Dissipation of FIBCs –
    Permanent and Reliable

    A. Chatterjee, Ch.V.G.K. Murty, R. Sripriya
    and H.N. Prasad
    Challenges of Recycling Steel Plant Dust/Sludges

    R.N. Barnes, S.R. Woodhead and A.R. Reed
    A Hand Held Instrument for the Measurement
    of Dust Concentration in Air Using an
    Electrostatic Sensing Technique

    R. Bours
    Dust Explosions - The Options

    R.K. Eckhoff
    Prevention and Mitigation of Dust Explosions
    in the Process Industries – Part 1

    R.K. Eckhoff
    Prevention and Mitigation of Dust Explosions
    in the Process Industries – Part 2

    S. Ramponi and G. Marchi
    Origins and Selection of Filter Element Configurations
    Used in Dust Emission Limiting Systems

    D. Stoecker
    High Porosity Sintered Materials -
    Production, Test Methods, and Application Examples

    A.V. Rodriguez, E.N. Soares and R.M. Massa
    A Collector Retrofit Applying Up-Dated Technologies

    P.S.R. Reddy, S.K. Biswal, B. Das and B.K. Mohapatra
    Recovery of Iron and Carbon Values from
    Iron Blast Furnace Flue Dust by Beneficiation Techniques

    R. Bours
    Explosion Protection in Powdered Coal Handling

    K.-H. Schwamborn and H.-J. Smigerski
    Improved Dedusting of Powders in
    Cyclone Collectors and Cyclone Classifiers

    S.M. Tasirin and D. Geldart
    Dedusting of Powders using Elutriation
    from a Fluidized Bed

    K. Smolders and J. Baeyens
    Continuous Monitoring of Particulate Emissions
    by Means of a Tribo-Electric Probe

    S. Ramponi and G. Marchi
    Filtering Systems for Mechanical Processing -
    Composition and Characteristics of Devices
    for the Separation of Polluting Emissions

    P. Zeeuven
    Dust Explosions – Learning from Past Experience

    R. Juenemann and R. Holzhauer
    The Reduction of Dust Emissions
    in Bulk Handling Installations

    G.E. Tooker
    Controlling Fugitive Dust Emissions
    in Material Handling Operations

    M. Weiss
    A Practical Approach to Dust Control
    for Special Applications

    A. Zador
    Methods to Prevent Environmental Pollution
    at Large Bulk Material Handling Terminals

    D.Y.C. Leung and G.C.K. Lam
    Development of a Coal Stockpile Dust Suppression System

    M.A. Laskaris
    Dust Suppression System for Bulk Unloading

    S. Herrmann and J. Evensen
    Newly-Developed Combination Products
    for Dust Suppression in the Storage of Bulk Materials

    R. Cridlan
    Electrostatic Precipitator Installations on
    Boilers Burning Sunflower Seed Husks

    A. Rappen
    Dust Suppression in Comparison
    with other Dedusting Processes

    H. Heinrici
    Economical and Reliable feeding of Coal Dust -
    The Coriolis Measuring Principle

    H.M. Haydl and J. Mastrofrancesco
    Large Circular Process Ducts in the Cement Industry

    A. Rodrigues and E. Soares
    Technical Means to Achieve a Clean Plant Environment

    O. Brunius and M. Brunius
    Dust Control and Prevention of
    Dust Explosions in Belt Conveyor Systems

    A. Bishop
    Dust Control and Ventilation Techniques in
    the Storage and Handling of Bulk Powder
    and Granular Material

    Lombardi, R.
    Comparison of Wet/Dry Dust Control Systems
    for Grab Unloaders

    S. Ramponi and G. Marchi
    Countercurrent Compressed Air Cleaning Systems
    for Dust Filters

    Gibor, M.
    Dust Collection as Applied to the
    Mining and Allied Industry

    Liu Minyan
    Dustiness of Coal Shipped in China

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    Re: Environmental & Safety Aspects - H/2000

    Posted on February 13, 2000 at 11:31:48:

    In Reply to: Environmental & Safety Aspects - H/2000 posted by Reinhard H. Wohlbier on December 06, 1999 at 13:32:01:


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