Posted by Dietmar Schulze on May 12, 1999 at 13:56:47:

There is a lot of discussion in this forum concerning
the Indicizer and the Jenike tester.

An alternative, which is easy to handle (especially the
computer-controlled version RST-01.pc where the test is run and
evaluated by a PC connected to the tester) and provides
results very similar to that of the Jenike tester, is the
ring shear tester RST-01.01. This device was developped in 1993
regarding experience with the Jenike tester and other
testers, and it provides some technical advantages
against ring shear testers (annular shear testers)
used in the past.

For example, the range of application of this ring shear tester
is very large compared to other testers:
You can test typical bulk solids (cement, coal, etc.),
but also very elastic powders (e.g. PE powder) or very
moist materials like moist clay or sewage sludge,
and the tests can be performed at stresses from less
than 500 Pa up to more than 40 kPa. You can test the
flowablility (yield locus), the time consolidation,
the wall friction, the compressibility, and it assists
in attrition tests.

Ring shear testers of this type are used, for example,
by many of the largest chemical or pharmaceutical companies
in europe and in the United States, but also at
research institutes and universities.

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