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    Posted by B.Kolle on January 19, 2000 at 03:09:55:

    We are an modern engineering firm in Germany, experienced in materails handling technology - in planning and detail design.
    Our special fields are Cement plants and Power Stations.
    We are interested in contacts and cooperations.

    B. Kolle

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    Irina Sosnovkin Guest

    business offer

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    We have received information about your company in the Internet. We are interested in your company and suppose that the following information might be useful to you.
    As for us, Consortium "SVE" was established by autonomous non-commercial organization "SOEX” (Russia's Chamber of Commerce and Industry), Federal state unitary enterprise VNIINMASH (Gosstandard of Russia) and International Union of Expert Organizations and Certification Bodies "EXPERT HOLDING RUS”. We render assistance to foreign companies in promotion of engineering industry production in Russian market.
    The Consortium carries out:
    • Obligatory and voluntary certification of foreign machinery, equipment and devices in "GOST- R Certification System " of Gosstandard (the State Committee for Standardisation, Metrology and Certification) of Russia;
    • Quality inspections of production as well as conformance control of equipment to requirements of purchase and sale contract;
    • Industrial safety examination of technical equipment of dangerous industrial establishments to receive Gosgortechnadzor (Federal Mining and Industrial Inspectorate) Permit for employment of equipment on the territory of Russian Federation;
    • Assistance in receiving Fire Safety Certificate in system of certification of Ministry of Emergency Affairs of Russia and Hygiene Certificate of Ministry of Health;
    • Certification of quality management systems according to Russian standards, equivalent to ISO 9000;
    • Certification tests of machinery, equipment and devices, also at manufacturer or customer's sites;
    • Drawing up of registration certificate and instructions on equipment according to Gosgortechnadzor requirements and translation of technical documentation and normative documents from foreign languages to Russian;
    • Determination of Commodity Group Code and receipt of customs confirmation;
    • Tackling organizational and economic issues of Trade representatives; and publicizing products of foreign companies;
    • Translation services and transportation in Russia.
    We believe that our cooperation might be beneficial at the promotion of your company’s production in the huge market of Russia and other CIS countries.

    Best regards,

    President of SVE Consortium

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    Dear Mr.B.Kolle

    We are undertaking complete detail engineering jobs for Material Handling equipments for Cement Plants. In case you required any co-operation please feel free to contact thru mail.


    E-mail :

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    Our company can supply vibratory equipment, dosing and weighing systems and conventional belt and rollers conveyors.
    For more information please have a look of our website or contact
    Pier Luigi Conselvan

  5. [ndependent Consulting Engineer for Bulk Materials Handling and
    Independent Consulting Engineer for Carbonisation and Coal and Coke Handling

    June 9, 2004 – Kdz.-Eregli (Turkey) - After more than two decades, the Chief Executive Engineer of the Coal and Coke Handling Department of Eregli Iron and Steel Works, Inc., Privatdozent, Dr.Ing. Hayri Ergun, has settled down for business with his own engineering office in Kdz.-Eregli. He is certified and sworn Engineer and Member of Verein Deutscher Eisenhüttenleute (Germany) and the Chamber of Mining Engineers (Turkey) and is an expert of coal carbonisation and coal and coke handling . Metallurgical and Formed Coke Production with and without conventional coke ovens, also with coals with lower coking properties, and high-capacity coal and coke handling plants and coke ovens are the basis of his know-how in this field. For further information please consult

    The following services are offered in particular:

    • Consulting, advice, examination and recommendation with regard to dimensioning and designing of Industrial Plant Engineering, Coke Making Technology, Bulk Materials Handling and Processing
    • Risk Survey Reports and Judgement and Evaluation of Damage,
    • Special Investigation and concluding Facts,
    • Representation, and Presentation of know-how,
    • Process optimization and drawing conclusions from available results and facts,
    • Concepts and expert opinions with regard to newconstruction and reconstructions,
    • Arbitrator by order of the contract parties.
    • Individual plant and personal optimization for every customer and/or project monitoring,
    • Technical evaluation on patents regarding this kind of machinery, equipment and procedure.
    • Evaluations and judgements of Process, Plant, Equipment and Technology

    Certification and swearing-in guarantees impartiality and independence as well as compliance with the duties of a publicly certified and sworn Engineer . For more details please contact
    Dr. H. Ergun
    Independent Consulting Engineer
    Erdemir Cad., 62/2

    Tel.: ++90 372 323 15 67
    ++90 372 322 76 22

    GSM: ++90 532 507 95 93

  6. YOUNG-MASSA srl, an Italian company based in Milan, produces components for the Pneumatic and Mechanical bulk material handling since 1972. Our production includes also a large range of Rotary Valves, Slide Valves and Double Flap Discharge Gates.
    We hope you could be interested in the high quality of our products and our competitive prices.
    Moreover since we would like to be more constantly present in the market of your country, we are pleased to inform you that we are looking for sales-agents or distributors.
    If you are interested in setting up a business co-operation with YOUNG-MASSA, please visit our website where you can see our products and contact us as soon as possible.
    We stay at your disposal for any further information or requests and we await for your kind reply.
    Best Regards
    Matteo Padovani
    Sales Manager

  7. Contacts and cooperations


    Dear mr Kolle.

    Thank you for your invitation for coorporating.

    EP-desing is a Dänish Ingineering company, designing and delivering equipment for the Bulk handling industry:

    Handling systems for bulk and goods

    Sampling systems for powder and bulk material

    Sample prepearing plants- crushers, mills,dividers, sample magasin.

    Costumised mashines of all kind special made to serve the needs.
    Design an devellopment in 3 D Solid Works as consultant.

    20 years experience in conveing systems-power plants-cement plants- chemical and medical industry.

    Please visit

    I am looking for kontakts to make business and coorporation in
    the area as mentioned.

    All companies, please feel free to contact me.
    EP Design og Teknik

    Erik Petersen
    Farverhus 14A
    6200 Aabenraa, Denmark
    Tlf 7462 0720
    Fax 7462 0760

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    Cement Plant equipment

    Dear Mr. Kolle,
    We are reputed inspection agency in India and expert for the equipment inspection for steel,cement,power,petrochemical,sponge iron plants.We have very good contact in India and can cooprate with you.Hope with our association you will be benifitted.You can visit our website: for further details.
    k.B. ghoshal

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    wahid hamza Guest

    Co operation

    Dear sir,

    We are in India and would be interested in Technical know how transfer. If interested pls. give your complete details to

    In India there are more than 300 cement mfrs. and many to come up. Definitely it will be fruitful if you set up a branch here.

    With best wishes,
    Wahid hamza

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    engineering co operation

    Dear sirs,
    Thank you very much for your reply.Setting up a branch office at your place is not feasible at this time.You can send your engineering drawung to us and we can do the detailing work here.Or you can give your specification and we can develope engineering and detailing work for Material Handling equipment for you,
    k.B. ghoshal

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