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Thread: Chute / Hopper Liners

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    javadesmailpour Guest

    wear abrasion, impact abrasion and sticking material !!!

    Hi to all dear friends
    Imagine you have a car dumper ( wagon tipplers ) in your site and according to your company policy you must unloading all type iron ore bulk material , sizes up to 40mm , pellets , and also iron concentrate with high moisture !!!! maybe in 24 hours must unloaded all of them !
    So you have 3 hard problems :
    1.normal abrasion
    2.high impact abrasion
    3. and ….material sticking on hoppers walls and cutting flow or mixing material
    Now what is your solution to find best wear liners to covered both of 3 problems

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    Thick Skinned or Thin Skinned?

    This thread has been going on; and on; and on.
    1.normal abrasion....if a liner is OK for high impact abrasion it will handle normal abrasion.....or what?
    2.high impact abrasion.....abrasion resistant metals are good and if they are rubber backed they are marginally better. But the fastening regime is vital.
    3. and ….material sticking on hoppers walls and cutting flow or mixing material..... material hang up is a geometric issue based on valley angles. What can hang up will hang up.

    Apart from a 24 hour residence limit there are no supporting quantitative figures. Liner suppliers cannot & should not quote wear performance because every material is unique based on actual exposure factors eg continuity of exposure, material size spectrum, geometry of the flowing cross section and the chemicals present. When there are problems in this topic they arise because the original material had changed; the original liner was unsuitable or the original specification was deficient. With liners it is a question of 'What can you afford?'

    Does it matter? If you are in business then accept a wear cost and get on with it. If you don't accept the cost then prepare to go out of business. In between, a few bob here or there is not going to harm anybody...or are you at NASA?
    John Gateley

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