Posted by Raúl Frúgoli on August 08, 1999 at 04:30:11:

Dear Mr Wöhlbier,
Thank you for sending me your letter, a lot time ago(I apologize for that)
My e-mail at work is and the home page

All telephone code numbers in Argentina has been reciently changed, so our
data are the following:
FAX-TE: 00543476-422225
Contact : Engineer Mr Raúl Frúgoli( MAintenance boss and second in charge
in ACA San Lorenzo Port).

I would like to recieve your help, because I am looking for a short
programme (1 month) to study bulk solid handling in somewhere around the
world, but I can not afford living expenses, only I can pay my trip.
I am an electrical engineer.
Moreover I passed The International Examination
Of Cambridge In English As A Foreign Language.

I also interested in some kind of scholarship about learning English

If you coul help me, I would be grateful with you.

Sincerely yours.