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Thread: Rice Hull Pneumatic Conveyor Requirement

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    Posted by Mr. Amancio G. Basoc, Managing Director on November 01, 2000 at 08:36:45:

    Rice Hull Pneumatic Conveyor Requirement.

    First Requirement:

    We have a customers in the agricultural industry. They need a Mobile
    Pneumatic Conveyor. In their farm fields there are a roads(6 meters wide).
    Perpendicular to these roads are the Pits (0.8meter wide x 0.7 meter high x
    40 meters long) spaced every 15 meters. The purpose of these Pits is to
    store Rice Hulls purposely to prevent Pits from collapsing at the same time
    as organic fertilizer. Rice Hulls are coming from Rice Mills transported by
    Trucks in bulk and it is dump along the roads of the farm spaced every 15
    meters. This Rice Hulls are to be Pneumatically conveyed to Pits by your
    equipment with a minimum capacity of 20 cubic meters per hour and a maximum
    capacity of 110 cubic meters per hour. Bulk density is about 100 kilos per
    cubic meter. Just quote for the minimum capacity. Please take note that the
    unit is to be driven by Generator. There is no electricity in the area.

    Since the area is quite big enough, they are going to test first the first
    unit. If it is proven to be efficient, they will order ten units with exact
    capacity. However, this is only for one company . There are about five
    companies need such equipment.

    Second Requirement:

    A Pneumatic Conveyor to convey Rice Hull from the Cement Floor of Shaded
    Storage Area to Dump Trucks with a capacity of 14 Tons. Rice Hull density
    is ten pounds per cubic foot at 12 percent moisture content. The longest
    suction distance is 46 meters(YOU DESIGN/DECIDE) and maximum discharge
    distance is 30 meters with maximum elevation of 20 meters high.There are
    TIME :1- to fill the Trucks within ten minutes and 2- in 30 minutes.
    USING 30 MINUTES FLOW CAPACITY. Please advise your recommendation.There are
    four sites to be installed. THEY NEED ONLY OUR PNEUMATIC UNITS. THEY WILL

    Thank you and we do hope and pray to receive your response SOONEST.

    Truly yours,

    Managing Director
    Ires Philippines, Inc.
    2053 Building
    2053 Edison Street cor Faraday Street
    San Isidro Village, Makati City
    Tel Nos. (63 2) 8877172 to 76
    Fax Nos. (62 2) 8877175 to 76

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    Pneuveyor Systems Ltd. Guest

    Re: Rice Hull Pneumatic Conveyor Requirement

    Posted by Pneuveyor Systems Ltd. Woodstock Ont. Canada on November 03, 2000 at 13:54:51:

    In Reply to: Rice Hull Pneumatic Conveyor Requirement posted by Mr. Amancio G. Basoc, Managing Director on November 01, 2000 at 08:36:45:

    We would suggest for the pit filling requirement
    one of our gas or diesel driven portable vacuum/
    pressure tranfer units.

    This unit would suck the rice hulls from the road-
    side piles and then blow the hulls,through flexible hose into the pit.

    The second requirement,truck filling,is nearly
    allways most efficiently done by filling a storage silo first and then gravity filling the truck.(gravity never breaks down!)

    We will be happy to provide a proposal and more details on request,please advise.

    Tony Truscott. VP Sales and Marketing.

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    Dear Mr. Amancio G. Basco
    Managing Director
    Ires Phillipines Inc.

    In regard to your first application there are some things that we do not
    1) are these to be gasoline engine powered ? Engines by us ?
    2) Why dont the dump trucks just dump directly into the pits?
    3) What is to be the suction distance ? and what is to be the discharge
    4) What rate do you want us to design for? 20 cu mts /hr or 110 cu mt/ hr?

    in regard to second requirement ; as we understand it you want 14 tons /ten
    minutes or 168,000 pounds /hr of a material weighing 10 pounds /cu ft. This
    is 16,800 cu ft/ hr. this Makes the equipment very large and very expensive.
    If the duty is to fill silos and then dump to trucks why not fill at a slower
    rate to keep the equip costs down. We read your letter as desiring to vacuum
    convey over a distance of 46 meters max. and to pressure convey 30 meters
    horizontal and 20 meters verticle. Is this a correct understanding?

    Please let us have your reply so that we may produce a quote.

    Yours truly Paul Naberhaus

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