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Thread: Steel & Cement Mill Parts

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    Posted by CH NG on September 21, 2000 at 19:40:35:

    Hi, this is MHS Engineering, Malaysia

    Interested in steel mill and cement plant equipment and parts. Would you introduce some manufacturers and trading house dealing with these.

    Best regards,

    CH NG
    MHS Engineering

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    Re: Steel Mill & Cement Mill Equipments and Parts

    Posted on September 24, 2000 at 02:41:13:

    In Reply to: Steel Mill & Cement Mill Equipments and Parts posted by CH NG on September 21, 2000 at 19:40:35:

    We are pleased to introduse ourselves as one of
    leading engineering company from india engaged in
    design,engineering ,manufacture & supply of cement
    plant equipments & components. You may contact
    undersignesd on ourE-mail address

    6-1-289/2, PADMARAONAGAR,

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    spares and equipment for steel mills

    Dear Sirs,

    we are an established export house, specialized in steel mills and cement factories. Please, do not hesitate contacting us with your inquiries.

    best regards
    Eurolatina Europe S.L.
    Antonio Lozano

    Phone +34 96 681 0465
    Fax +34 96 589 1655

  4. Dear Sirs,

    India can be a good source for your machinery requirement. India has experienced suppliers like

    Larsen & Toubro
    KCP heavy Engineering
    Krupp India

    A list of suppliers for machinery can also be had from

    Check with the Indian High Commission in your country for details about exporters.

    Good Luck

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    Equipment for Cement Plants

    Dear Sirs,

    Please visit our and you
    can email your enquiries to the undersigned:

    Thanks and Best Regards.


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    We are suppliers of machinery and spare parts for cement industry since 1893. Please do feel free to contact us with your inquiiries.

    best regards
    Eurolatina Europe SL
    Antonio Lozano

    Tel.: +34 96 681 0465
    Fax.: +34 96 589 1655

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    tklock Guest
    We have conveyor parts for sale that are in our stock. We would like to sell them at our OEM cost plus whatever shipping costs., but the price is still negotiable. What parts are specific to your needs? Or if you'd like to send me your e-mail address I could send you a list of what's available.
    Tammy Klock
    Thomas and Muller Systems

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    Paul Haywood Guest

    Equipment for elevators

    Dear Mr Ng
    My apologies for the late reply to your post. I have just registered.

    We supply elevator buckets, belts and bolts for all types of applications, and can offer an in-depth technical back-up for the best use of this equipment.

    We also specialise in extremely wear resistant liners for conveyors, hoppers, chutes etc.

    Please visit our website for more details.

    If this is of interest, please let me have you contact details.

    Best regards
    Paul Haywood

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    JimWay Guest

    Conveyor Equipment Manufacturer

    Dear Sir,

    We are a professional manufacturer major in Idlers, Belt Cleaners, Skirt Rubber, Impact Bar, Pulley, Wear-Resistant Ceramic Lining Plate, and other Belt Conveyor Accessories, we established in 1981 and have an excellent reputation through more than 22 years manufacturing experience, especially in the solution and manufacturing of the conveyor idlers, belt cleaners, and etc; then we have got the certificate of ISO 9001.since years ago.
    The JIM WAY products have been widely adopted by Taiwan Power Company, Mining Company, Cement Industry, Iron & Steel Corp. and industries which request rigorously quality on conveyor system. Therefore, we have dedicated to research the way to surmount the traditional steel idlers restrictions; Now, one of our most outstanding product that we had surmounted successfully is the Superior Polymer Idlers., which are made by superior polymer pipe, set with the high quality bearing and our peculiar design of 4 layers multilabyrinth that is excellent for dust and water proof, they are all tested by international rules, standardized CEMA, JIS and DIN and guaranteed by our company, The improved idlers are strongly suggested to the anti-acidic, alkaline and corrosive working sites. they are lightweight, low friction, impact resistance, anti-static and economic. Which are convenience to be applied to Concrete, Cement, Quarry, Limestone, Fertilizer, Salt, Sugar, Pulp fields and etc.
    By the other side, our patented belt cleaners are very competitive internationally as well as its price, which are designed with autocompensation & shock-absorption spring tension regulator and the pressure scaling indicator that make more efficiently to install, maintain, or replace it.
    Therefore, if you want to know further information or inquiry, pls just feel free to ask us, we are always glad to be in the service for you and look forward to any kind of your partnership.
    In case of saving your precious time, I sincerely wish you could visit our web site:

    Best Regards

    Santiago Chang
    International Business Manager

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    Mr. Zhivoglyad Guest
    Dear CH NG!

    I am an export manager of joint stock company "Uralelectrotyazhmash"
    We are manufacturer of electromechanical equipment
    and I guess that we can suggest you some kind of large electric machines for mills (as a drive) and other corresponding parts

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