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Thread: Power Plant Equipment Selection

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    Posted by Mr. Brian Wu on July 29, 2000 at 03:27:49:

    Dear Dr.Wohlbier

    I need detailed product and company information on the following categories:

    1. Belt conveyor for coal
    2. Stacker(and Scraper) & Reclaimer
    3. Continuous Ship Unloader
    4. Gas Isolated Switchgear(GIS)
    5. Insulator
    6. Space Frame Dome

    I am planning to visit Germany, France, Spain, UK and Italy in the beginning of September for selecting well experienced manufacturers of above mentioned equipment.

    Mr. Brian Wu
    Itochu Taiwan Corp.
    8F, No.9, Chang-An E.Rd.Sec.1,
    Taipei 104 Taiwan
    Republic of China

    Fax: 00886-2-2521-8224
    Tel.: 00886-2-2537-8972

    Background Information:

    1.Itochu Taiwan Corporation is a 100% subsidiary of Itochu Corp in Japan Tokyo which is well known as one of 3 biggest general trading companies in Japan. The annual revenue is always exceeding at least US$ 130B (not M)

    2.I have been working in Itochu Taiwan for more than 10 years and in the past, my main job was to follow up
    plant or project sales for the following categories.
    Power plants
    Steel making plants
    Petro-chemical plants

    3.Itochu owns more than 150 overseas offices including in Germany Hamburg and Duesseldorf but due to low profit they have closed the Machinery Dept there.
    In this sense, within the Group of Itochu, nobody can help me to find out any well experienced makers of above mentioned equipment
    This is why I have to check myself and then select makers. Your help and your publications are very much appreciated.

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    Posted by MATTEO PASSONI - CEO on September 13, 2000 at 09:19:46:

    In Reply to: Power Plant Equipment Selection posted by Mr. Brian Wu on July 29, 2000 at 03:27:49:

    Dear Sirs,

    please to visit our web site and do not esitate to contact our customer service for any needs.
    Personal Best Regards, Matteo Passoni CEO.

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    Re: Power Plant Equipment Selection

    Posted by Joseph A. Dos Santos on August 17, 2000 at 07:30:19:

    In Reply to: Power Plant Equipment Selection posted by Mr. Brian Wu on July 29, 2000 at 03:27:49:

    Dear Mr. Wu:

    At Dos Santos international we are the world's foremost authority on the application and design of Sandwich-Belt type High-Angle conveyors. These will prove advantagous in the layout of your power plant materials handling systems. Besides supply of the DSI Snake Sandwich High Angle Conveyors we also offer expert consulting in high tech conveying solutions and in materials handling systems and equipment. Please visit our web site at

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    Re: Power Plant Equipment Selection

    Posted by Erkki Matikainen on August 17, 2000 at 04:54:32:

    In Reply to: Power Plant Equipment Selection posted by Mr. Brian Wu on July 29, 2000 at 03:27:49:

    Dear Mr. Brian Wu

    Our company Roxon is part of Sandvik Corporation and we are having long experience in supplying of. Belt conveyor systems for coal as well as Stacker(and Scraper) & Reclaimer.

    Kindly visit our web site for more information.

    We would be pleased to have you as our quest in connection of your forthcoming visit to Europe.

    Best regards


    Erkki Matikainen
    Business Area Mnager

  5. Re: Power Plant Equipment Selection

    Posted by P K Venugopalan on August 02, 2000 at 22:10:21:

    In Reply to: Power Plant Equipment Selection posted by Mr. Brian Wu on July 29, 2000 at 03:27:49:

    Dear Mr. Brian Wu,

    We, Fenner (India) Limited are one of the leading material handling system suppliers in India and are interested in supplying conveyors for your projects. We have supplied conveyors for handling coal, lignite, iron ore, limestone, gypsum, cement etc.

    We can offer a very competitve price.

    Please get in touch with us

    Thanks and Regards

    P K Venugopalan
    Fenner India Limited
    82 Peters Road
    Chennai ( Madras)

    Phone +91 44 8220810
    Fax +91 44 8265462

    E mail

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    IEM Fördertechnik GmbH Guest

    Re: Power Plant Equipment Selection

    Posted by IEM Fördertechnik GmbH on August 08, 2000 at 04:57:13:

    In Reply to: Re: Power Plant Equipment Selection posted by P K Venugopalan on August 02, 2000 at 22:10:21:

    Mr. Brian Wu 8th August 2000
    Itochu Taiwan Corp. VKL Enk/Les
    8F, No. 9, Chang-An E.Rd.Sec. 1,
    Taipei 104 Taiwan person in charge:
    Mr. Endler,  ++ 49 (0) 96 42 / 80 - 151
    Republic of China

    by e-mail
    Kreative Technologien
    für Förder-, Transport-
    und Umweltanlagen

    Introduction of IEM Fördertechnik GmbH
    Manufacturer of mechanical Conveyors

    Dear Mr. Brian Wu,

    we got the information, that you intend to visit Germany in September and that you are interested in conveying engineerings.

    With the following remarks we would like to give you some informations on our company and selected products.

    Outstanding feature of all IEM - Products is the solid and high-quality execution.

    The solutions of mechanical conveying problems orient themselves with IEM at the request of the respective market segment. IEM is not manufacturer of cheap mass-produced articles, but provider of custom-made solutions.
    The large product range of IEM offers the possibility of considering for a problem definition several solution types in order to determine then the optimal solution with consideration of all criteria – technique, working reliability, economy.

    The IEM Fördertechnik GmbH covers a far spectrum of the preparation and conveying engineering, both in the pouring and within the bulk area, from planning over the manufacturing up to the assembly and line-up, everything comes from a hand.

    Our extensive Know How is based on one success-calibrates 30-year business activity.

    These experiences and our high qualified technical personnel shift us into the layer specific customer
    solutions in the context of our product range to offer at short notice and transfer.

    An efficient customer service guarantees in the case of averages a minimization of the down-times and protects a high availability by regular inspections of the systems.

    The emphasis of our activities and supplies is situated in the following areas:

     Basic industry

     Mining industry

     Thermal remainder waste treatment

     Composting

     Refuse dump and soil reorganization

     Garbage assortment and editing

    The conveying engineering components from the own production programme, used in these systems, are:

     belt conveyors for horizontal and vertical alignment

     trough chain conveyor for horizontal and vertical alignment

     conveyor screw

     double wave mixer

     bucket conveyors with chain or rubber belt

     steel plate conveyor

     box charging equipment with plate conveyor or rubber belt

     crushing unit for filter cake and ash

     container displacing device and -equipment

     bag emptying machines for DSD-material and garbage bags

     barrel conveying device

     pallets conveying device

     double flaps, slide plate, etc.

    For the creation of entire plants we buy and plan with the Know How of our group of engineers system
    dependent components like e.g.:

     dust extracting installations

     pneumatic conveyor plants

     filter- and cutting-up technique

     weighing technique

     sort cabs inclusive exhaust and air conditioning

    Beyond that we are open depending upon requirement for co-operation or work-, or ”tender-community” with system manufacturers or procedure carriers.

    If you believe after reading this remarks that our manufacturing program would be interested for you, please let us know.

    See also our website:

    Appreciating your reply we remain.

    With best regards

    IEM Fördertechnik GmbH

    i. V.
    Schneider Endler

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    Re: Power Plant Equipment Selection

    Posted by J L Pretorius on July 30, 2000 at 09:40:11:

    In Reply to: Power Plant Equipment Selection posted by Mr. Brian Wu on July 29, 2000 at 03:27:49:

    Dear Mr Wu,

    we are specialists in the area you seek information and assistance.Due to the weak Rand RSA in a very favourable export position.

    Kindly advise on your exact requirements and we will gladly assist.
    Sincere regards,
    Johnny Pretorius

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    JimWay Guest

    Conveyor Equipment Manufacturer

    Dear Sir,

    We are a professional manufacturer major in Idlers, Belt Cleaners, Skirt Rubber, Impact Bar, Pulley, Wear-Resistant Ceramic Lining Plate, and other Belt Conveyor Accessories, we established in 1981 and have an excellent reputation through more than 22 years manufacturing experience, especially in the solution and manufacturing of the conveyor idlers, belt cleaners, and etc; then we have got the certificate of ISO 9001.since years ago.
    The JIM WAY products have been widely adopted by Taiwan Power Company, Mining Company, Cement Industry, Iron & Steel Corp. and industries which request rigorously quality on conveyor system. Therefore, we have dedicated to research the way to surmount the traditional steel idlers restrictions; Now, one of our most outstanding product that we had surmounted successfully is the Superior Polymer Idlers., which are made by superior polymer pipe, set with the high quality bearing and our peculiar design of 4 layers multilabyrinth that is excellent for dust and water proof, they are all tested by international rules, standardized CEMA, JIS and DIN and guaranteed by our company, The improved idlers are strongly suggested to the anti-acidic, alkaline and corrosive working sites. they are lightweight, low friction, impact resistance, anti-static and economic. Which are convenience to be applied to Concrete, Cement, Quarry, Limestone, Fertilizer, Salt, Sugar, Pulp fields and etc.
    By the other side, our patented belt cleaners are very competitive internationally as well as its price, which are designed with autocompensation & shock-absorption spring tension regulator and the pressure scaling indicator that make more efficiently to install, maintain, or replace it.
    Therefore, if you want to know further information or inquiry, pls just feel free to ask us, we are always glad to be in the service for you and look forward to any kind of your partnership.
    In case of saving your precious time, I sincerely wish you could visit our web site:

    Best Regards

    Santiago Chang
    International Business Manager

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