Dear All,

Our previous rotary kiln is for sale. The equipment is fully maintained and painted. Please find the technical specs as follows :

The rotary kiln consists of 3 modules.
1st module:
L=17.680 mm Æ=2.800 mm 2nd module:
L=15.600 mm Æ=2.800 mm 3rd module:
L=12.420 mm Æ=2.800 mm
Reducer: Flender
N1: 300-1000-1750 N2: 4.3-14.3-25
• All rings are checked and maintained according to nominal diameter.
• Ring placed are renewed.
• Bull gear and pinion gear maintenance is done.
• Bull gear connection plates and sheets have been renewed.
• Support roller maintenance is done.
• Mechanical maintenance of all the bearings were done.
• The kiln is sandblasted and painted.

Please contact me for the photos and further details.
Koray Kandemir
Mobile : +90 5322826777