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Thread: Minetech Efficient Eco-hoppers

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    koraykandemir Guest

    Minetech Efficient Eco-hoppers

    Dear All,

    We are producing tailor-made highly effective eco-hoppers those will be a perfect solution for the bulk unloading operations. The eco-hoppers can be used for :
    • Clinker
    • Limestone
    • Gypsum
    • Slag
    • Iron ore

    Please visit our website for further information

    Koray Kandemir

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    Unhappy Saying It Like It Is

    There is too much salesman in this reply. Are these tailor-made highly effective eco-hoppers, as claimed in one breath, really a perfect solution as claimed subsequently? Basically writing if it isn't perfect then I, not so humbly, suggest that it is hardly highly effective.
    John Gateley

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