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Thread: Urea loading at 2000 TPH

  1. Urea loading at 2000 TPH

    Dear all,
    Is there any port in operation having loading capacity of 2000 TPH or more for bulk material like Urea granules? What are the handling equipment & their capacities in the system?
    Thanking you in anticipation.



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    Smile See Above...

    There are plenty of ports, worldwide, which handle granules & pellets in excess of 2000 th-1. Loading equipment generally consists of over-the-rail belt conveyors with loading rates greater than (wait for it!) 2000 th-1. There are spiral bag chutes which could be used.
    Your post is very loose but if you can be more specific I am sure others could be tempted to tender more details.
    John Gateley

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