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Thread: Minimum pulley diameter DIN 22101

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    Minimum pulley diameter DIN 22101

    hi sirs
    how can i determine the next two parameters :
    1- kmax is the mean width-related tension at the point of maximum belt tension in the zone of Group A pulleys in the steady operating condition.
    2-kN the minimum breaking force.

  2. 1. Tension [calculated according to DIN 22101]/conveyor belt width, and
    2. According to the standard that you selected the conveyor belt/OEM's specification [e.g. DIN EN 15236-1].


  3. Hello,

    DIN22101 page number 16, 17 and 18 provide the information necessary for selection of pulley diameter after concluding the belt constructional features (type of belt i.e. nylon or polyester or steel cord, carcass rating, percentage utilisation of carcass strength, etc.).

    You can also refer to belt reputed manufacturers catalogue wherein you may find the procedure to decide pulley diameter. It is likely that you may find it easier although same may be conforming to DIN, etc.

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