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Thread: Ropecon conveyor of Dopplemeyer

  1. Ropecon conveyor of Dopplemeyer

    Can anybody educate me if he has used Ropecon type conveyor?
    Iam particularly interested to know whether these can take care of horizontal curves.

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    Apparently, according to one of the accompanying articles below, not.
    It is described as a straight line conveyance. X
    John Gateley

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    Gary Blenkhorn
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    Think about the cable for a minute. How do you make a cable go around a curve without a sheave of some kind. That would be one large sheave. Tension always pulls in a straight line.

    Cable conveyors are for straight line only.
    Gary Blenkhorn
    President - Bulk Handling Technology Inc.

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    A Sterter for 10

    The original Cable Belt was invented by a mine manager in the UK National Coal Board & subsequent developments illustrated 'It's not what you know but who you know. The Austrian system is similarly blessed. Cable conveyors exhibit high cable wear whatever is claimed to the contrary. Material discharge is more than complex. The recent fad of elevating conveyors through the treetops in remote locations is amusing at best. To claim that this technique does not require any ground maintenance access is absurd. What access was provided at the construction phase?
    John Gateley

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