Dear all,

Cold DRI at a temperature of 40 to 60 deg C is transported by Belt Conveyors to the Electric Arc Furnace of the Steel Melt Shop. During transportation the dust generated at the transfer points are captured by a Bag Filter. Thr Bag Filter and Silo has N2 purging system.

But when the DRI comes in contact with water/moisture re-oxidation of DRI occurs and CO and H@ are generated and catches fire. Moreover soince the dusts are fine in nature it is also pyro-phoric

I have decided to install CO, H2 O2 and H20 analyzers including temperature sensors in ducts before Bag Filter, in Bag Filter Hoppers, in Chain Conveyors and in Silo. the analyzers will monitor the gases continuously and when it exceeds the explosive limits N2 flooding will be initiated.

I would seek opinion and suggestion from the forum whether I am in the right direction for prevention of Fire incident in DRI transportation.