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Thread: Literature on Powder Flow

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    Posted by Alessandro Castelli on May 07, 1999 at 02:35:24:

    I am a 5th year chemical engineering student at Universita' di Padova,
    Italy, and I am working on experiments dealing with flows of powders.
    I am looking for publications about velocity and stress distribution
    for powders flowing down inclined chutes: can anybody help me?

    Thanks for your answers!

    Alessandro Castelli

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    Dear Mr. Castelli,
    If possible please go through a book on Bins & bunker By Rothe & Genik. There you will find flow property & other related analysis. But you will not find any relation with CHUTE.

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    Dear Sir,
    A very good information received by us.

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    Flow of powders

    Hi Alessandro,

    If the powder behaves like a granular particle then normal flow equations apply. See

    Conveyor Calculation Worksheet page on Chute Velocities.

    See AW Roberts and OJ Scott "Flow of Bulk Solids through transfer chutes of variable geometry and profile" bulk solids handling Vol 1 No 4 Dec 1981. A lot of work has been done by the University of Newcastle. or TUNRA.

    If your powder exhibits non-Newtonian characteristics, then you are into Flow-functions. The subject gets a lot more complex from there.

    Regards - John.Rz

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