Air Control Science®, Inc. and KOCH Transporttechnik GmbH Form Alliance in Dust Control for the Materials Handling Market -
Companies to blend expertise for international reach

Air Control Science®, Inc. and the Germany-based KOCH Group today announced the formation of a strategic alliance to design, fabricate and install ACS Dustless Transfer® systems, and other leading ACS technologies to create Healthy, Safe Coal HandingSM systems in coal-fired power plants, and healthy and safe bulk solids handling systems in other primary industries, The alliance was formed during the BAUMA + Mining 2004 trade show at the Munich Trade Fair Centre in April.

Both Air Control Science and KOCH specialize in developing and installing patented technology and systems for bulk materials handling, including coal, cement, grains, and primary metals. Air Control Science has the most innovative passive dust control systems in the world today. Air Control Science’s passive dust control systems are known for the ability to handle all coals including the dusty and explosive, Powder River Basin Coal derived from the Powder River Basin in Montana, Utah, and Wyoming. Air Control Science’s passive control techniques and equipment contain this fine dust throughout all conveyor to conveyor transfer points, from the stockpile to boiler, creating a safer and healthier work environment and protecting valuable plant assets.

Based in Wadgassen, Germany, KOCH is a family-owned, worldwide active company known for designing, fabricating and installing a variety of conveying systems and equipment, including its sleek and versatile pipe conveyor technology, which allows an environmental-friendly, fully-enclosed system including the ability to make vertical and horizontal curves without transfer points as compared to conventional conveyor systems. KOCH is known for its international orientation, with 15 subsidiaries in strategic locations worldwide. KOCH handles new construction of conveyor systems or optimization and modernization projects for existing industrial and power plants.

Through this strategic alliance, Air Control Science will provide the initial designs and construction management supervision for joint projects, while Koch will fabricate and install the systems through its established network in western Europe and elsewhere.

“This strategic alliance is a win-win for Air Control Science, Koch, and industrial and power plants for which we will design and install healthy and safe materials handling systems,” said John S. Fischer, Chairman and CEO. “We have tremendous respect for KOCH’s capabilities, history, and technology. We have compatible philosophies and complementary expertise that will allow both firms to extend our reach to new countries and clients.”

Air Control Science’s engineering systems include:
• Dust Analyst®, software that calculates induced airflows and results in the most accurate dust collection system designs
• Discrete Element Modeling software that very accurately simulates bulk materials behavior and flowrates through chutes and accurately predicts material behavior, resulting in accurate designs. DEM is available by several companies worldwide. .
• Dustless Transfer® process, technology that passively contains dust at conveyor transfer points and typically eliminates the need for dust collectors
• Glider Roller Belt Support™ system that helps prevent spillage conveyor belts
• Dustless Stacker® System, technology that suppresses dust while materials are stockpiled
• Utility Fire Protection® systems, including automated washdowns

Established in 1945, KOCH’s primary products and services include:
• Stationary and reversible belt conveyors
• Curved continuous conveyors
• Pipe conveyor systems
• TKF drag chain conveyors, horizontal and vertical up to 90 degrees
• Stacking and reclaiming systems
• Rail or crawler-mounted stacker
• Bucket wheel reclaimer, bridge-type, portal, semi-portal scraper, stacker/reclaimer
• Materials crushing and screening stations
• Shiploaders and ship unloaders, turnkey terminal facilities
• Wagon loading and unloading systems
• Stockyard technology

About Air Control Science®, Inc.
Air Control Science is a single source for engineering and construction services for materials containment, dust control, washdown systems, and fire suppression in the utilities and primary metals industries. Air Control Science helps achieve a cleaner more productive facility that is healthier to work in, more cost efficient and less likely to incur catastrophic fires or explosions. Air Control Science has designed and implemented Coal Handling Risk Management® solutions in coal-burning power plants in the United States, Europe and the Pacific Rim.

KOCH Transporttechnik GmbH
KOCH Transporttechnik GmbH develops and implements technologically advanced bulk material handling systems, as well as equipment for processing, environmental applications and industrial automation. KOCH also provides specialized machinery fabrication as well as maintenance and operations assistance. With 15 subsidiaries around the world, branch and representative offices, KOCH delivers complete turnkey facilities from an integrated source.

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