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Thread: The Multivar from Italvibras

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    The Multivar from Italvibras

    Multivar: The Mobile Vibration Frequency Regulator

    Right from the very first years of work in the concrete compacting sector, dating back to over 35 years ago, Italvibras has always paid specific attention to the field of large civil engineering and precasting works, dedicating its efforts to both electric vibrators with frequency variation and electronic vibrating frequency regulators.

    Thus Italvibras created the Multivar mobile vibration frequency regulator (Patent N° M0980000021) to simplify the work in building sites. Multivar is ideal for replacing conventional electromechanical converters with fixed frequencies as it allows the frequency/centrifugal force to be varied. It is an excellent aid when small concrete items must be produced or in precasting plants, where specific items that cannot be made in normal molds are required.

    Multivar comes complete with controls, protection and operating components. It is thus ready for use with the electric vibrators in the precasting system.
    Moreover, it lowers the noise pollution level in the place of work, as dictated by the current laws.

    The Multivar range meets all the requirements of the precasting enterprise, with models able to power up to 8 electric vibrators at the same time, with 42V or 400V power ratings and variable frequency.

    Multivar does not only power the electric vibrators with frequency variation produced by Italvibras, but also those already installed in the system and operated by 100, 150 or 200 Hz fixed controllers.

    Thanks to its wheel-mounted structure, Multivar can be used in all parts of the building site, thus doing away with the cost of creating fixed structures.
    The heart of Multivar is the Vibravar inverter with EMC filter, a device that has been extensively tried-and-tested by Italvibras in hundreds of precasting systems. Multivar’s control panel has a keyboard for controlling and programming the system. Simple use, easy handling, versatility, a compact shape and safety are Multivar’s main features.

    Italvibras possesses the technology and experience able to offer precasting companies, cement layers, concrete mold and form manufacturers, building companies and plant planning enterprises, the very best solutions for compacting concrete comprising a vast range of electric vibrators and frequency variators.

    For more information, please visit:
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