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Thread: Manure Management Solutions

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    xusnow Guest

    Manure Management Solutions

    What is the most Manure Management Solutions?

    It's my pleasure to come here and share my experience.

    I am engaged in the research and development of filtration and separation equipment(manure separator), and this year is studying the excrement treatment system on farms.

    For medium-sized farms, the most economical solution is the manure separator, how does it work?

    The Manure separator farm manure into solid and liquid.


    1. Convenient transportation, easy control

    2. Nutrition for plants

    3. Convenient storage and space saving

    4. Avoid equipment blockage.

    5. Methane gas


    1. Convenient storage

    2. Fertilizer processed into plants

    3. It can be sold to create economic value.

    I will insist on sharing my experience here.

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    We await your experiences... With Baited Breath.
    John Gateley

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    Many a True Word Spoken in Jest!!

    I also have spent much of my working life with engineering management solutions which could be politely categorised as full of manure.

    Thank you. We need more posts like this.
    John Gateley

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