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Thread: Cold or Hot Splicing

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    irfan Guest

    cold or hot splicing

    what is the temparature limit of product for hot splicing. Our belts carry product at 85 deg c. Can we use cold splicing on these belts.

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    Lawrence K. Nordell

    Lawrence K. Nordell

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    The temperature limit for "hot belt" splices is per the manufacturer's belt spec. No sense selling a belt if it cannot be spliced.

    There are a number of suppliers that can provide a "hot belt" that meets or exceeds 85C.

    Hot belt splices should be hot vulcanized for full strength effect.

    Lawrence Nordell
    Conveyor Dynamics, Inc.

  3. Irfan,

    I wholeheartedly agree with the response given by Mr. Nordell.

    As far as` cold splicing is concerned, you temperature of 85C is getting close to the cold cure limit. Also, cold cure splices must be done absolutely correctly to be effective - there is little safety margin for incorrect pressure or set time.

    Dave Miller
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    85 Deg temp.?


    now a days cold bonding cements are available to resist upto 210degree centigrade. We can offer you these solutions. The price for M-24 grade will be US$30 per KG including hardner and minimum order is 25KG, for HR grade the price is US$60 per KG including hardner. minimum order is 25KG.

    you can mail us your requirements.We can arrange the dispatch from India.

    with best wishes,

  5. cold or hot splicing

    Dear Irfan,

    For your application the best solution is to make a hot splice if the belt is new. Of course you can use a specific glue but it will be a compromise (i.e. quick change of the elasticity of the glue), so that the life time will be bad.

    If the belt is already used the best solution will be using the Super-Screw fasteners, as used from many cementry plants (i.e. Lafarge Group, Heidelberg Cement, Cimex Group) and many steel works (i.e. Voest Alpine; Sollac Acelor), smelting plants and coke works. You will find more information about this fastener under
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