Ajax Equipment Ltd is a specialist manufacturer of solids handling and processing equipment, incorporating Lynflow technology. It has over 30 years experience in the design and manufacture of equipment for a wide range of organisations involved in food and confectionery processing, pharmaceutical, fine chemicals and all industries using bulk solids at both massive and minute scales.

Based in Bolton, Ajax Equipment is widely recognised as an innovator in solids handling. It is highly regarded for its expertise in powder flows and is often employed to advise and solve solids handling problems. The company’s range of solids handling and processing equipment includes screw feeders, conveyors and elevators, continuous mixers, and heating and cooling conveyors, bin systems, lump breakers and other solid processing devices.

Ajax Equipment is a member of SHAPA – the Solids Handling and Processing Association, and an active member of powder handling technical committees of the Institute of Mechanical Engineers, European Federation of Chemical Engineering and Institute of Chemical Engineers.

Lynflow technology combines an extensive range of concepts, patents, developments, innovations and design techniques, based on the fundamentals of powder behaviour and many years of practical experience at solving solids flow and handling problems. Lynflow is a registered trademark of Ajax Equipment Ltd.

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