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Thread: Iron ore rail cars for sale

  1. Thumbs up Iron ore rail cars for sale

    Greetings Forum Friends
    We are pleased to offer (200) Virtually New..many NEW....High Capacity, Iron Ore Rail Cars for sale.
    Rotary coupler...unit train design.
    (47) Iron Ore Pellet Cars...2014..used only 2 years..Excellent condition.
    All cars meet North American Rail conditions.
    Please feel free to contact us for additional information.
    Al Goodmundson
    Phone Canada (306) 664-7260

  2. #2

    Wink Poetry in Motion...

    .. Well... Nearly in Motion.

    "Theirs not to reason why.
    Theirs but to....

    Someone had blundered."
    Apologies to Sir Alfred Lord Tennyson but this must have been a disaster.
    Never mind the bargains, this crew should be exposed before they cock anything else up.
    John Gateley

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