Dear Bulkoholics, dear colleagues, dear readers,

I’m very happy to announce that we have developed and introduced a new polymer glue named Multiface®, which is the first glue for rubber on the market with really no solvents and VOC’s. Multiface® has been developed for conveyor belt splicing, rip & surface repair, drum lining, wear protection lining, but also the elastic bonding of metal, ceramic, glass, many plastics etc. Multiface® is a two component polymer filled in double cartridges and mixed with the usual static mixers.
Of course due to the fact that we wanted to avoid all solvents and VOC’s it was necessary to find a new way of cross-link. At least the new mode of action is a providing a very stable binding, like a hot vulcanization but requires some changes of the method of use in comparison to usual contact glues (e.g. the use of a fixing unit or a light pressure press).
Further advantages are:
- Application without chemical cleaners, solvents, primers or adhesion promoters (for metal too) to prepare the surface (of course the release agent on the top of the rubber must be mechanically removed by grinding/roughening)
- No danger for the people, no need to carry a breath protection
- No danger for the environment
- No hazardous freight (you can take it with you in a plane!)
- No special ventilated or explosion-proof stocking area required
- Food contact approved according to EG 1935/2004 and EU 10/2011 (normal version) or self-extinguishing and antistatic (FRAS)
- Possible to use for finger splicing of solid woven belts and aramid belts
- Heat resistant up to 120°C
- Higher resistance to oil, gasoline, solvents, alkalis and acid as common contact glue
- Very short curing time until full functional strength (Multiface 1.5 ®: 1 - 2 hours depending on the application at 23°C/73°F or less than 1 hour at 75°C/173°F)
- Possible to use a low pressure vulcanizing press with 0.2-2 bar/3-30 psi pressure and 75°C during 30 minutes in order to accelerate the curing and restart the belt after few minutes passive cooling (no need of water cooling)
- Less consumption because no solvents have to volatize and only one layer has to be applied (preferably on both sides) and the possibility to re-seal the cartridges for later use (usually 200-400 g/m2 for a step splice; i.e. 3-5 time less as a usual contact glue)

During the last twelve months we have made several thousand tests and many trials. The results are proving that the new mode of action is really working and that Multiface® is usable on a wider range of belts as common contact glues.
You can find further information on our web site or on YouTube.