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Thread: Bucket Wheel Excavator Wanted

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    Greetings to everyone. We require a used Bucket Wheel Excavator. Crawler Mtd. Capacity 10million tons per year, coal.
    Please let us know if you hav a machine available.
    Thank you,
    Al Goodmundson

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    Kalyan Brata Ghoshal
    Consultancy & Manufacturing Co.

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    Bucket Wheel Excavator

    You can contact Mr. Sharad Joshi or Mr. R.M Bhndari of METSO MINERALS(MUMBAI) Pvt Ltd.Who may be your useful help.
    E-mail of Mr.
    W-mail of Mr.
    k.B. ghoshal

  3. Bucket Wheel Excavtor Wanted

    Hi !

    The mining company GKB-Bergbau in Austria want to sale their bucket wheel excavator VABE700 (3,000 m3/hour) because they will close their lignite mine this year.

    GKB Bergbau GmbH
    A - 8580 Köflach
    Tel.: +43-3144-2511
    Fax: +43-3144-5233

    I wish you good luke !

    Edgar Jakob
    MLT GmbH

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