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Thread: Cyclone design Calculation

  1. Cyclone design Calculation

    Hi ,
    I would like to know design procedure/ calculations for cyclone to be used in pneumatic conveying system.

    Best Regards,
    Amit Barawkar

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    Teus Tuinenburg

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    Dear Mr. Amit Barawkar,

    Design calculations for a pneumatic conveying system is the overall, main calculation.

    A pneumatic design calculation comprises the summation of all partial pressure drops of the pneumatic conveying physics and the additional pressure drops s.a. clean piping, silencers, diameter transitions and filters or cyclones.
    The ambient conditions need to be accounted for as well as the occurring heat exchanges.
    Also, the compressor type plays a significant role and needs to be considered differently in a vacuum system and a pressure system.

    The calculated pressure drop must be consistent with the set pressure drop and the assumed capacity. This requires an iterating calculation algorithm.

    Shepherd and Lapple (1939-1940) developed a series of cyclones, whereby the dimensions are related to the cyclone body diameter.
    The cyclone pressure drop is part of the summation of the various pressure drops.

    The answer to your one-line question is the knowledge, published and researched in many books, articles and thesis’s.

    Best regards

  3. Quote Originally Posted by abarawkaramitbarawkar View Post
    Hi ,
    I would like to know design procedure/ calculations for cyclone to be used in pneumatic conveying system.

    Best Regards,
    Amit Barawkar
    I almost forgot to mention my software and my text, which offers some practically important hints on the design and possibility of the calculation. It can be found at the following link, that leads to Google Drive. From there you can download as zip file all programs as well as documents in English and German together.

    Manfred Heyde

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